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Photographer in Richmond, Surrey, London

My name is Viola, a photographer in London specialised in portraits, maternity photoshoots, and property photography. I work mainly in west London boroughs of Richmond, Kensington, Chelsea, Fulham, Twickenham, Kingston upon Thames, Putney, and part of Surrey.

I am inspired by emotions, therefore I try to capture them in every shot. The love in the eyes of a mother-to-be, the happiness of a newborn child in their mother’s arms, the joy of a family when they are all together. This is what I strive to show in my portrait pictures.

London Photographer for maternity, children, newborn and family portraits

Maternity photoshoots

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and meaningful moments in a woman’s life. During those nine months, the feeling of a new life starting from within is so special that makes you think of how wonderful nature is, and you know you are part of it.

A photoshoot lets you keep some memories of those moments. Pregnancy only happens a few times, and you will not have another chance to take a photo. I am a mother myself, so I know the emotions that run through a mother’s mind, and I love to capture them together with her wonderful body and personality.


Newborn portraits

The warm touch of a baby in their mother’s arms, the purity of their smile, the joy in their laugh. Parents always love to keep these memories, and photos are the best way to fix such moments. They grow up quickly, and you want to remember every single detail. I know the emotions mothers and babies feel, and with my professional eyes I will capture every peculiarity.

In a few years, you will look at those photos and remember their curious look at the world, in which you will recognise yours, their delicate, clear skin, and their soft breath.


Personal and family portraits

When kids become adults, and they do it so quickly, all you can do to remember when they were running in the house with their toys, and you were so happy to have them around, is looking at the photos you took with them.

As I am specialised both in personal and family portraits, you can either see every single detail of their face, their eyes, their expressions, or you can have all of you together, imprinting the bond that unites your family. With my professional shots, I hope to give you a unique memory of you and your family.



Making a booking is easy. Please contact me to arrange a session or have a chat about the options.

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