02 January ‘very short’ sightseeing trip

02 January, a short day trip to Buffavento, a castle that perches 950m above sealevel. Steep stairs lead to the top of the tallest tower, were a magnificent view awaits. In fine weather it’s possible to see Kyrenia, Nicosia and Famagusta, as well as the Troodos Mountains and the coast of Turkey.

Well, we weren’t that lucky with the weather and hadn’t quite read the guide carefully enough PRIOR to departing from Nicosia. Dark clouds hang above the castle and it was about to rain. Climbing up 30min with three kids between 9 months and 5 years didn’t appeal to us either, although we had taken a backpack for Thalia. Allegra had already fallen asleep 15min after we left home…

Never mind, we stopped a few hundred meters below the castle and visited the 11th-century Midbyzantine Chrysostomos Monastery. Surrounded by wild plants and flowers,it looks pretty stunning from outside, however the inside is now, sadly enough, completely destroyed.

We stayed just long enough for a few shots; the girls were busy inspecting ants and Thalia was probably happy to sleep in the warm car rather than being carried up the hill.

Here are some images:

How easy is it to get a NICE picture of two sisters?? Allegra, how on earth did the red colour end up on your hand and trousers? No more drawing in the car, that’s for sure ๐Ÿ™‚

After 5 years of staring into my camera lens Lavinia is pretty much used to being photographed.

Snapshots of Allegra:

A good photo doesn’t always mean that the person needs to look straight in the camera. Just as meaningful: looking down or sideways. Especially kids move permanently; I aim to capture their natural spirit, during work and when photographing my own kids.

Colour versus black&white. Sometimes both options work just fine. A sequence presented with both kind of photos is a nice option:

For tomorrow and Sunday we have planned some more trips on the island. Well, right now at this moment, there is a thunderstorm outside… we shell see about tomorrow.


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