3 tips for a newborn photoshoot

Newborn photoshoot

The first days a mother holds her baby are moments to remember, and a newborn photoshoot is the best way to fix those moments in your memory. They grow up fast, and you have very few chances to keep some images of when they look at the world for the first time, with their eyes full of wonder, and when they touch everything with their delicate hands and their vivid curiosity.

Nevertheless, I know some mothers are worried a photoshoot could stress their newborn babies, especially when they think another person, the photographer, will touch them. I am a mother myself and I am a photographer, and thanks to my experience, I know how to make a newborn photoshoot a positive memory, as well as an intimate moment of a parent with her son or daughter. I think the approach is essential, and I want to give three good advices to all mothers who want to do a newborn photoshoot.

The best moment

There a two moments in the life of a newborn baby that can be great for a photoshoot: the first weeks and after six months.

During the first weeks, babies are relaxed, and sleep often: a good chance to try some artistic shots and more complex sceneries. When they wake up, make no doubt about it, the first thing they will do is looking into the camera. Just perfect for another shot. Artistic nudes are perfect to bring out their clear, silky skin, but do not worry if a little “accident” happens, it is part of the experience and a good chance to take a break.

When they grow up, usually after they are six months old, they start to crawl around and become more curious about what surrounds them. They start to play with their favourite toys and won’t leave them, so you can decide to do a photoshoot while they play to capture their joy and show it to everyone or reserve it just for you. Colorful clothes are usually the best choice to match their happy mood. This moment is also a perfect occasion for a family potrait session.

The best time

Newborn photoshoot

As I said, the best time for a newborn photoshoot is when the baby is asleep. During their first days, they make their own routine, so it won’t be difficult to find the best moment of the day to come at my photography studio, after they have been fed and are calm, so they better settle and get ready for the next shot.

We can also arrange a photoshoot when the baby is well awake, if you will confident it won’t stress them, in order to capture their liveliness, in this case morning hours are best.

No rush

Newborn photoshoot

A newborn photoshoot usually takes up to three hours, but it can take longer if the baby needs more time. The first thing we will do is let them familiarise with the new environment and with my hands, because I will move them quite often during the session, but if we let them take their time, they can relax and give their best smile. You will have time for breastfeeding and breaks to cuddle them.

I want to ensure this is a stress-free experience both for you and the baby, so time is essential to achieve the best result. My advice is to plan ahead and make sure we have all the time to take great shots. Remember, the opportunity to capture these moments fades away quickly, so we want to make sure we seize this unique chance and get the best result.

If you are planning a newborn photoshoot in London, you can contact me and I will be happy to tell you all the details.

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