Autumn has arrived! And summer becomes a distant memory. We start to see an explosion of vibrant colours outdoors: rich reds, oranges, brown, gold, yellow and they all transform the landscape which signifies that the autumn family photo shoots are in full swing! 

October and November are the perfect months for some autumn family photos. Crisp days, crunchy leaves, soft and warm light…. It’s all waiting for you and your family.

Gorgeous big trees, ferns, leave covered footpaths all make for the perfect autumn setting. Get dressed up in your autumn outfits with woolen jumpers, colourful scarves and hats!

If you love autumn and want to capture your family at this special time of year then get in touch for a chat about a family photo shoot in South West London. 

autumn family photo shoot

Outdoor Autumn Family Photo Shoot Locations

There are many beautiful areas in South West London that are perfect locations for an Autumn Family Photo Shoot.  I am based in Richmond and often meet my clients in one of the local parks.

Do you have a garden, which can make a perfect backdrop? I am always happy to travel to wherever you live to capture gorgeous images in the comfort of your outdoor space at home.

autumn family photo shoot

Schedule Your Session When The Light Is Best

There are two options depending on what colour of light you prefer. At the moment I am starting my afternoon family photo shoots at around 4:30pm allowing me to conduct a full session without rushing. With the evenings closing in, the golden hour is getting earlier and I aim to take advantage of this beautiful warm light.

autumn family photo shoot

Alternatively, and in my opinion equally beautiful, is the early morning light. It’s more silver coloured, frosty and depending on the colour of the trees the images turn out beautifully. Have a look at some of these images:

autumn family photo shoot
autumn family photo shoot

What should we all wear?

After you have booked your autumn photo shoot, one of the first questions you probably have is “what should we all wear?” Every family will ask me this question and it’s completely understandable. After all, you will be investing in having some gorgeous photographs taken which you may want to hang on the walls at home, give to relatives and friends as a Christmas present and/or assemble them in a lovely photo album. It’s only natural that you will want to make sure that everyone looks their best.

Start by choosing one outfit that compliments the beautiful autumn colours and build everyone else’s around it. It is a good idea to wear solid colours and to make sure everyone co-ordinates but does not match too closely.

Remember to keep your home decor in mind so that your portraits are cohesive and fit with the style of your home. 

Avoid patterned clothes like narrowly striped shirts or herringbone patterns as they can cause funny optical effects at certain print sizes. Logos have a tendency to date quickly so it’s wise to be cautious with them.

Make everyone try on their outfits to ensure a comfortable and flattering fit.

And remember – if it looks a bit creased in the mirror, it will look very creased in a photograph, please make sure the clothes are well ironed and clean.

autumn family photo shoot

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