Celebrate your baby’s first Christmas with a photoshoot

Newborn Christmas photoshoot

Do you like the festive period? I do. In our everyday routine we have very little time to spend with our loved ones, but Christmas does the magic of strengthening the bonds within the family.

Christmas gets wonderful if it is your baby’s first one. That means you had a wonderful year, you became a mother, and this celebration will be more special than the past years, and I know you may want to celebrate it with a baby Christmas photoshoot.

This kind of photoshoot is really multipurpose: it can be just a memory of your baby’s first Christmas, or the photos can be a present for grandparents, or you can make Christmas decorations themed with the star of the year!

There are a lot of possibilities, but the fundamental principle is always the same: celebrating your baby’s first Christmas.

Why do a baby Christmas photoshoot

They grow up very fast, don’t they?

Before you realise it, any chance of getting cute memories of your baby during Christmas period will be gone, and that is something that, in my experience, a mother would never miss.

Newborn Christmas photoshoot

A baby Christmas photoshoot is a way to remember those moments that will probably never occur again.

The urgency raises exponentially when you find those cute Christmas clothes that look just perfect for them, but next year will be too small to take another chance for a photo to remember.

Furthermore, do not think about a Christmas photoshoot as something for newborn babies only, but imagine it as something that could be done every year as a family tradition. I know some mothers and fathers who come every year to my studio to have their Christmas shooting done, and they love comparing pictures of their baby year after year.

Ideas for a Christmas baby shooting

I have been doing baby Christmas photoshoot sessions for a while, now, and I can surely suggest some ideas which proved to work very well, delivering an adorable result.

Newborn Christmas photoshoot

There are three things we can typically work on to give that Christmas feeling to your baby’s shots:

  • Props: newborn photoshoot props can be a lot variable, but there are a few Christmas ideas you should definitely try, such as gift boxes and stockings: elements that give a perfect idea of how tiny the baby is, and their genuinely curious expressions will do the rest. Alternatively, you can use some Christmas-themed stuffed animals;
  • Outfit: the baby’s outfit should be Christmas themed, with the classic red and white clothes. Alternatively, if the baby is very quiet (and it happens often, especially if mothers take them to the studio well-fed and rested, which makes things easier) we can try artistic nudes with red blankets as props;
  • Poses: it is essential we take our time to try different poses, because they are what make the shots original and creative.

I am used to work with newborn babies, so if you are thinking of getting a newborn Christmas photoshoot session and you are here in west London, I want you to know that we can do this together and get some amazing shots of your baby with their cute Christmas outfit.

Contact me to book a session!

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