Celebrate the beauty of pregnancy!

Maternity photoshoot in London

I have done many maternity photoshoots over the past 15 years, many of those since I live and work in London. Moreover, I am a mother myself, more precisely a mother of three, and therefore I am very aware of how a becoming mother feels: she is aware of her body changes, she may not really feel herself anymore and she may believe that this is not the right time for a photo shoot.

However, that’s not the truth, and if you are pregnant, you should not feel this way. In the next few years you might end up wondering why you have no photos of those beautiful moments. For sure your body is changing. You will have more curves and simply a different shape, a beautiful shape showing that you are about to become a mother!

You are beautiful

Although you may feel awkward about it, people from the outside do not see you that way. All we see, all everyone sees, is a beautiful woman that will soon give birth to a gorgeous little baby.

If you feel you want to hide from the rest of the world is only because of our ancestral mammal instinct to protect our offspring, but this has nothing to do with your appearance.

Maternity photoshoot in London

Pregnancy is amazing, and everyone will recognise that to you. You are going to have the most difficult and yet fascinating role you could possibly have in your entire life: you are becoming a mother. This is your most precious asset, and I’m sure you do not feel bad at all about that, so why would you give up the chance of having memories of these nine months?

I won’t deny that some women might be jealous of your pregnancy to the point they could eventually make some inopportune comments about your status, but there is no real reason why you should take such comments seriously.

That dress will look awesome on you!

If you have in mind an outdoor shooting, you should know that one of the main elements of a maternity photoshoot in London is the dress you are going to wear. There are a lot of different sceneries we could use in London for your maternity shooting, we could even choose a theme and shoot in the best matching location. If you have just an idea, I can research for you and give you a few options to choose from.

I think the dress is very important in this process, because it will define the shape of your body in the photos and reflect your mood, however, do not forget it has to match the theme of your whole maternity photoshoot, for example, a nice floral pattern dress is perfect if you want to reproduce a happy, cheerful atmosphere, but it may result too bold if you set a posh, elegant theme, even though you want to look happy.

Maternity photoshoot in London

That being said, you can still wear your favourite dress and we will choose an adequate theme, so rest assured you will look awesome with that dress.

Celebrate your beauty

You won’t be pregnant for long: you only have less than nine months per baby to show your round belly, and before you realise it, they’ll be already grown up, and I’m sure you will want something that reminds you of how beautiful both of you were. Moreover, you can involve the whole family: a photoshoot is one of those events that can tighten up the bond with your partner and, if you already have one or more children, their enthusiasm will burst and they will love their newborn siblings.

Are you ready for your maternity photoshoot in London? Contact me for an appointment!

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