Celebrate your beauty with a portrait photoshoot

Woman portrait photoshoot

This article is for all the women in a men’s world and, in spite of the title, I wrote it to explain what I see when I do a portrait photoshoot with another woman.

I love being a woman, even in a man’s world.

Whitney Houston

As a woman, I know we have a lot of labels on our skin: we are mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, workers, wives, and I could still go on. However, because we live in a man’s world, we often don’t feel confident about ourselves, we don’t feel we are so strong, instead, sometimes we are self-critical and introverted.

As a photographer, I see this self-consideration also influences the way women stay in front of the camera. By the way, only 30% of professional photographers are women, so I am a woman in a man’s world too.

What I see in a woman portrait photoshoot

I shot a lot of photos of women in all kinds of situation: with their partners, with their children, alone, during pregnancy, or with a newborn baby in their arms.

What I see is a strong person who can face any kind of situation, and often enjoys in doing so. For example, raising children is a big deal, and being a mother sometimes is the hardest job of the world, I know it, but when I see the smile on their faces during a photoshoot, I truly understand how extraordinary we are.

Woman portrait photoshoot

Women deserve to celebrate their body, their beauty, and their strength with a portrait photoshoot.

The role of a photographer

As I said, women are many things, and the mission of a professional photographer is catching all of them in the camera, but if you try, you realise it is not possible. The only way a photographer can achieve this result is not aiming to the many things a woman is, but to her personality. That is what truly defines a woman, and that is the reason why an individual portrait is the best way to capture her radiance.

Having a beautiful image of yourself will be adjuvant, and it will let you express your personality in an impactful and meaningful way. It is an inspiring experience, and it will improve your self-confidence. At the end of it, you will feel gorgeous!

Don’t be afraid of showing your strength!

When you come at my studio for your portrait photoshoot, I make sure you feel comfortable and good about yourself. We will probably take our time to talk, I can be a chatty person!

I am a naturally friendly person, so hopefully you will not feel stressed about this experience, even though we will take a good number of photos, because I want to make sure I intercept your essence.

Trust is essential, and trust me, we will do a great job! Do not be afraid of showing your body, because it is the result of what you are. Your body is a trophy to be proud of.

The outcome of your portrait photoshoot will be nothing but the best version of yourself!

Are you ready? Contact me to book a photoshoot!

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