[pullquote]It’s always a great experience to work with Viola. Not only the professionalism but also her interest and personal involvement into the subject  makes the final outcome of every photosession simply amazing. Seasons changes, years pass bye, kids grows, we got older… The things that stays are memories and photos. I’m really happy that we have Viola as our family photographer. She captures me beautifully. And makes me think that what every woman needs is not a bottox’s shot but a good photographer by her side. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you![/pullquote]


Now as winter is approaching very fast I think it’s time to post some lovely colour images to cheer everyone a bit up!

These were, of course, taken a few weeks ago when we still had those lovely warm autumn afternoons and the gardens were blooming with colourful flowers. This delightful little garden has been entirely designed by the owner herself, carefully choosing the flowers and accessories that suit her space. I loved it! And so did the cat, which always chose the right place to pose or snuggle up in the little girl’s arms.

A cup of tea and some biscuits not only tasted very good, but also formed some nice photo opportinuties.

Enjoy the images and let’s look forward to a brighter week-end, where we can go out again and portrait some more families!









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