From bump to baby: timeline of a photo shoot

Bump to baby

As a mother, I understand the importance of framing the unique time of pregnancy, and the very first days of life of your newborn child. It is an important family milestone, and photography can help to preserve them as time passes. For this reason, I suggest a bump to baby photo shoot, a multi-session photo shoot that captures the quintessence of a new life and joy it brings in your life.

A bump to baby photo shoot is made of two sessions, and I have ideas on how to get the best out of them.

First session: the bump

The best time for a maternity photoshoot is between the 30th and the 33rd week of pregnancy, because you still have a lot of energy, and most of the unpleasant feelings associated with your status have gone. If you are expecting twins, however, the best time to schedule a session is between the 26th and the 28th week.

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That is also the reason why you should not worry about your appearance: you will look just perfect!

I plan the photo shoot with a pre-session meeting with the expecting mother.

During this meeting, we go through the different styles of maternity photography, choosing the one that suits you best.

Some of the most popular are:

  • A range of outfits, from casual to smart, or something that stands out from the ordinary. You can opt for something very elegant, or use vivid colours to highlight your enthusiasm for this life-changing event;
  • Artistic nudes, to show your glowing motherhood and nothing else. If you like a natural, minimal approach, artistic nudes in black and white will deliver an outstanding result;
  • With your loved ones: a new life coming soon involves the whole family, and a photo shoot all together will strenghten your bond and intensify your excitement.

Defining the the style is the first key step of a great bump photo shoot, and it is useful to guide your choice of background, outfit, and props.

I have a lot of backgrounds available that you can try, as well as maternity gowns, tops, fabrics, and props.

If you have some objects you would like to bring along, I can have a look at them and give some advice.

Bump to baby photo shoot

If you have your bump session with me, you won’t need to worry about poses and lighting: I am very expert in setting up the the studio and capture your soul in a photo.

This session usually lasts up to two hours, with time to rest for you.

Second session: the baby

The first two weeks are the best moment to take the second session of your bump to baby photo shoot.

Babies are relaxed and sleep very often. If your baby comes well fed, we will not have any sort of problem during the session.

Bump to baby photo shoot

While your child sleeps, we can try some artistic poses and capture their cuteness in a photo. Their skin is very soft and lightly coloured, allowing us to opt for artistic nudes.

When your baby wakes up, their curiosity will make them look right into the camera and smile: the perfect moment for a memorable shot.

With the right props and backgrounds, we will match the newborn photography session with the previous one.

This session usually lasts up to three hours, as I allow some time for breaks and breastfeeding, and for the baby to feel confident in the new environment.

Shooting at home

Some mothers-to-be prefer to stay at home for privacy and comfort reasons. I totally understand it. In fact, I am always available to set up a studio at your place. I can save you the journey, and bring all my props, lights, and clothes, study your environment, and use it for our purpose.

My bundle

When I do a bump to baby photo shoot, I always offer a 50% discount on the newborn session fee, and a 15% discount on every digital file package.

If you want to plan this experience with me, just get in touch.

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