Yet again it has been some time that I entered some new images on my blog. I have had some lovely babies in the studio, as well as beautiful pregnant ladies and, of course, many vibrant toddlers!

But this blog entry is something new for 2012.

My mission is to help you celebrate every stage of your life and this also includes photographs of yourself, for yourself, for your partner and children and for your parents. Everyone cherishes a portrait of their loved ones.

We go through so many stages in our life and it’s always worth to dedicate some time to get your portrait taken. Capture this moment of your life. This is an amazing memory for yourself and everyone you love.

Choose your favorite outfits, from elegant to casual. Get your make-up and hair done by my professional make-up artist Marina. It will be a fun session with ever so stunning results!

I trust the art of simplicity to create images with strong impact. This is about you and the focus will be on you by choosing a suitable background or outdoor location of your preference. Contact me to arrange for a meeting to find out more about my portrait sessions.

In the meantime check out these amazing (and inspiring!) portraits of Maryna:



What a fantastic session – I look forward to creating some great wall art from these photos for you!





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