Another fun filled and exciting portrait session at my studio; this time I took a series of lovely images of fellow photographer Ileana Philippides and her adorable kids.

Everyone of my portrait sessions is unique and we get a great variety of images by changing clothes, set-up and background. I aim for the ever so important family portrait as well as capturing tender moments between siblings and single portraits that bring out the child’s personality.

I see child art photography as an expression and revelation of your child’s true nature. To capture this we require three things: time, patience and fun! My sessions usually last between 2-2.5 hours allowing enough time for the child to become comfortable in the new environment, for small breaks, change of clothes and hairstyle and for choosing the suitable prop. I have a selection of chairs, cushions, blankets and toys available, however I do also encourage to bring along personal items to make the photo session even more unique.

The connection between Ileana’s children is beautifully shown through the power of black&white photography, whereas a colourful outfit shines in colour photography.

The power of a seamless black background is amazing and when you come to my studio you will see examples of large wall art where I used this background. The focus is exclusively on the child and particularly extreme close-ups are ever so strong.

I very much look forward to the year 2012 and having lots of more opportunities to portrait families!


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