In Home Newborn Photography

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever….It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

—Aaron Siskind

In Home Newborn Photography

Choosing the right photographer

There are thousands of Newborn Photographers, but none are the same. Each of us have a unique style. It can feel impossible to choose. 

Newborn Photography is such a beautiful way to celebrate the birth of your new baby. As you embark on the search for the “perfect” photographer for you and your family, you will have a number of questions. With this article I hope to be able to answer your questions and introduce in home newborn photography.

In Home Newborn Photography

Natural, timeless photographs of your baby captured in the comfort of your home – it’s all about love and connection

There are many styles of photography out there for newborn babies. As a London Newborn Photographer, mine definitely drifts to the side of documentary. 

When you look back on photos of your newborn, you will feel all the hope, love, and dreams you had on the day they happened. Capturing what connects your newborn to everyone— Mom, Dad, siblings, pets— is all part of the process. That’s why I offer sessions that embrace the connection and the moments. These relaxed sessions provide a documentary look at the growing love your family shares with your newest addition.

My style for these sessions is called NEWBORN LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHY, images captured in the comfort of your home.

In Home Newborn Photography

In home newborn photography – what are the advantages?

In home photography means you don’t have to pack anything or go anywhere.

This is especially beneficial when you’ve just brought home a new baby because odds are, you’re exhausted and the idea of packing up the van to go get photos done sounds can sound overwhelming.

It takes time to adjust to this new life when your baby was born. And where do you feel most comfortable with your baby? At home. And there are many good reasons for this:

  • everything is familiar
  • your baby is going to be comfortable as sounds and smells are familiar
  • you got yourself organised and know where to find everything
  • You will be comfortable when feeding your baby
  • You have plenty of baby outfits at hand
  • The room temperature is ideal
  • You have your own bathroom with everything you need 

In home newborn photography is more comfortable for the entire family.

So for your photo shoot at your home there is no need to pack a large bag for your baby and yourself and leave the house for several hours. Everything stays as it is, plus there is no rush.

A photo session should be stress free.

Newborns have an incredibly sensitive immune system and exposing them to germs outside the home can be risky. Safety is my number one concern. Keeping babies delicate immune system protected is at the top of my safety list and keeping your baby at home ensures that exposure is minimal in the first few weeks of life.

Being a mother of three I know very well what it’s like to have a newborn. It is already quite stressful. In the beginning of my journey as an artist I would spend up to three hours at a newborn session, trying to make the baby sleep, trying to get the poses just right etc. Newborn sessions should not last more than 2 hours and we should not have any expectations. Awake or asleep, babies are always perfect as they are. 

In Home Newborn Photography

How old does my baby need to be for their Newborn Photo Shoot?

Some photographers want you to have the photos taken in the first ten days of life, but I am not one of those photographers. 

As already mentioned, my style of newborn photography is called Lifestyle Newborn Photography. What that means is that I will be doing very little posing which means that the baby does not need to be super sleepy, as they are in the first ten days, for their photos. 

There are many reasons why the first few weeks might not be ideal. Complications can keep you and your baby in the hospital longer. For premature babies and twins, it’s often not safe or possible to do newborn photography immediately after birth. Or perhaps you’re just not ready, which is OK too.

You may not be able to get those early newborn images done, but it doesn’t mean your newborn photos will be any less impactful or cherished at 6 + weeks. In fact, I’ve shot many sessions, just like this one, with babies over a month that came back amazing.

I think babies are perfect just the way they are and I am happy to do a newborn style shoot at any age. It’s NEVER too late to photograph your baby!

Where I will photograph you and your baby in your home

The first thing I look for is light in your home. It doesn’t have to be much and preferably no direct sunlight. The living room, nursery and main bedroom all usually photograph well. Shooting in multiple locations gives you a good variety in your gallery.

What to wear for at-home newborn photography

I don’t believe in telling you exactly what to wear because most important is that you feel like yourself and comfortable to move about the session. However, with newborns, I think there are a few things to think about.

  1. I recommend to set aside the elaborate outfits for now and choose something well-fitting that allows the beautiful details of a new life to shine. Your baby dressed in a simple onesie will always photography beautifully.
  2. For parents, as mentioned before, comfort is the number one priority. It’s best to avoid clothes you’ll need to keep adjusting.


Lifestyle Newborn Photography is quite different to traditional newborn photography, where babies are molded into an unnatural position to fit into a bucket or crate. I move babies as little as possible, not using any props or gimmicks. This is about not disturbing your baby and keeping him/her snuggled in your arms, comfortable on your bed or in his/her crib.

A newborn should not spend an extended amount of time alone on a bean bag, in a bucket or crate only to eventually get the desired posed photograph. A newborn, no doubt, needs to be held, comforted, and ultimately with their parents and in their arms as much as possible.

During my sessions, babies will be for most of the time in their parents arms, where they belong.

You may have many more questions before deciding to book a photo session. I’m always here to answer those. Don’t hesitate to contact me directly on 07493.386333 and we can chat on the phone, or email me on


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