Italian Quality Photo Albums

I would like to show you some images of the latest photo albums I prepared for two clients.

They are hand made by a highly professional family business based in Italy, near Salerno. This is how it works:

Every album is hand made and book-bound, to your specification. With a range of sizes, covers, colours, leaf styles and overlays you can be sure your album will be personal, unique and perfect. They all open flat, and will stand the test of time.

All book-bound album covers are hand made and finished by a member of the family, ensuring a very high and consistent level of quality.

Me as the photographer I like to present my work in the most professional way. This is why I choose this company. They have never disappointed me, are highly reliable and produce the most amazing albums.

The images below show two albums that are made for prints (in opposite to a digital album) with personalised covers, displaying a key image of the photo shoot and the name of the child(ren). Each individual image is framed by an overlay. The pages are very thick and do not bend, crease or rip. The edges have a metal corner for protection.

For any photo shoot that produces a min. of 20 images I would recommend such an album. It’s a treasure for life.

Of course, they can also be used for wedding or christening images.

Album for Kristia Lily:

Album for the twins Iliana & Danae’:

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