It’s time for an end of Summer photoshoot!

Family portrait photographer Surrey

When Summer comes to an end, it is not unusual to have that melancholy feeling when thinking that three quarters of the year are already gone, the nice weather is gone and the chance of enjoying the sun is probably gone too.

However, there is still the chance to have a nice day out with your family, enjoying the last few days of the season. In West London and Surrey, the temperature is just perfect: it is not as hot as in the past months, but it is still warm enough to spend some hours outdoor.

Family portrait photographer Surrey

This time of the year for a family portrait photographer in Surrey

I love this place, and I love this time of the year. The first days of September in Surrey are magic.

First of all, the weather creates the perfect natural light conditions every portrait photographer could desire. Some of my most remarkable shots were taken in this period. And they made some of the best of my days.

Furthermore, days are long, and there is a lot of time to try some artistic combinations of light, pose, and background.

And it is good for those families with kids who do not really like spending hours in a closed space like a photography studio.

How to get ready for the photoshoot

One of the advantages of being a family portrait photographer in Surrey is that living nearby, I know the area very well, so I always have an idea for a nice spot to shoot.

There are some families I see regularly in this time of the year, and it is always nice to see how fast their children grow! It is something I’ll probably never get used to, but it feels like I and my work are part of their uniqueness, and I love it.

The thought that my photos can change their inner for the years to come, that just like we still look at our family pictures, their kids will one day look at my pictures makes me very happy.

Family portrait photographer Surrey

Of course, there is a technical part regarding the lights, the moments, the ISO, the shutter, the focus, and so on, but the emotional side is the cornerstone of the whole thing.

So, to get ready for your family portrait session in Surrey or any other place you like, let the love for your children lead you and dress them with light, colorful clothes, bring some snacks for them, and let them take their toys, if they want to. It will be nice taking a photo of them while playing or doing any sort of activity.

I aim to make you and your kids feel like it is a beautiful day out, but with a little plus: memories.

Why you should book now

If you are interested in having a family portrait session during these last days of Summer, I recommend you to book a session now, because with school starting again, work getting busier, and other events planned, you risk to miss the next couple of weeks, and the good weather conditions with them.

On top of that, if I have enough time to study the location and prepare my equipment, the outcome will surely be extraordinary.

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