These are some shots from a recent family portrait session.

Gorgeous Joshua and cute Zoe where so lovely to photograph, both of them being incredibly photogenic. I couldn’t resist pressing the release button continuously and every single image just turned out unique and beautiful.

Let’s start with an image of both of them. Very cheeky look on Zoe’s face, love her expression:

And, of course, stunning children have a stunning mother:

And a charming daughter has, of course, charming parents (and ever so photogenic also them):

A splash of vibrant colour for the close up portraits and classic black&white when placing them in the same frame:

Again it was really hard to choose just a few images for the blog entry.

They are all unique and especially when displaying them in the right way they really look stunning as wall art. Such as this last one: a different format, more horizontal, either mounted on wood or streched on a canvas. Either way a suitable solution for the living room or bedroom:



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