Let me show you my favorite images from a recent Newborn Photo Shoot! This is Paul, 2 weeks old, very cute indeed, with his parents, Isabel and Hardy, as well as 2 grandparents that came from abroad for the occasion.

We already had two exciting photo sessions when Isabel was pregnant, a Studio Session in December and an Outdoor Session in January.

Apart from a couple of moments Paul was right awake throughout the whole session! Very unusual for such a young baby;  he was ever so curious and there were many beautifully tender moments to capture .

Lovely images that will soon become amazing wall art pieces:

[pullquote] Wie wunderschön! Die sind einfach super toll!!!!!!!![/pullquote]


“We can’t thank you enough for those amazing pictures! Initially I was a little worried taking my newborn out of the house at only two weeks of age, but looking at these fantastic images there is no doubt that it was the absolute right thing to do. It was such a relaxed shooting in a most comfortable studio environment and Viola’s patience had no limits.  The results exceeded our expectations and I can only highly recommend to have a portrait session of your newborn done by Viola. Thank you again!”  Isabel & Hardy






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