I have recently spent a most interesting afternoon with Alla, a Russian lady, who is a passionate tailor in her spare time and has created many beautiful gowns in the past.

This time she showed me a dark green medieval dress and I portrait herself wearing it in an extraordinary location in the outskirts of Nicosia, which perfectly fitted this outfit.

Here are some of her own comments about the idea behind this project:

“Designing and making of clothes in middle ages was a craft, even arts. Beautiful and richly embroidered with silk, gold and precious stones, those garments are great examples of patience, artistic talent and skills.

Historical Costume Making is not only a great challenge but a fascinating journey to the past. A chance to find your own unique identity while “stitching through the ages”.

This dress is an attempt to re-construct or rather to re-enact upper class German costumes of the 12th century. The over dress “surcote” is of fine green wool with hand made embroidery of silk, bids, and various semi-precious stones. The under garment “kyrtle” is of silk.

All garments except for surcoat are hand sewed. The head dress braided of silk laces and silver wire then embroidered with stones is a precious crown like circlet.”


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