Memories of a wedding day

Wedding photographer

I believe the duty of a wedding photographer is not only to please the bride and the groom with their shots, but also create some unforgettable memories.

Statistically, most of the times, wedding is celebrated only once in a lifetime, and I am sure you want to remember every single moment of such a special day. The emotions, the laughs, the beautiful bridal dress, and the love in your eyes when looking at each other. Every time you look at your wedding photos, you want to get that “yes, that was the best choice in my life” feeling.

In order to get the best wedding photoshoot, I strive to capture not only the moments, but also the symbols of that day.

Wedding photographer

Actually, let me tell you the story behind these photos.

The importance of the location

This wedding took place in Treviso, Northern Italy. The ceremony, a civil wedding, was very intimate, with just fourty guests. This gave me a critical advantage: a lot of space to move around and better chances to take some awesome shots.

The ceremony took place at the Rinaldi Palace, one of the most ancient buildings in Treviso, in fact, it was built during the 14th century, and the characteristic pattern used as a fresco all over the room, make it a beautiful example of Medieval art.

When you do a photoshoot of a boutique wedding like this, the location is very important, as it allows you to capture the finesse you want to express in your shots.

How to get natural shots

After the ceremony, we went to a nearby characteristic restaurant to celebrate the event.

The outer space was beautiful: a gorgeous garden with splendid trees was framing a small pond in the middle. The weather was bright, but not glaring: just perfect to take some awesome outdoor shots.

Wedding photographer

I think the best way a wedding photographer can create real memories of a wedding day is telling the story in a natural and spontaneous way, conveying the emotional depth of each promise of love.

There are dozens of artistic poses that could be used in a wedding photoshoot, but although they are beautiful and if the bride and the groom want to have some, I am happy to advice the best wedding poses and take some photos, I prefer a photo-reporting style.

This kind of approach not only allows you to shot natural photos, but also reduces the stress of the couple who do not have to force themselves to pose in any artificial way even though they are tired and with a mixture of feelings inside that is even hard to describe, and I can be very discreet when taking photos, so that guests and newlyweds do not feel uncomfortable.

I love being a wedding photographer because I love to tell stories by images: they are a powerful and evocative tool that make any event special.

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