My favourite maternity photo shoot poses

Maternity photo shoot poses add variety to a session and create moments, and moments make memories.

The right pose marks a solid line between okay photos and great photos. The kind of photos you are proud of and that really are a memory of your pregnancy, a time full of dreams, hope, and peacefulness.

One of the questions that mothers ask me the most frequently is about the perfect pose. I always say that any pose they feel comfortable with is perfect, and I am happy to give a few tips to make it more than perfect.

Here is a list of my favourite ones, and what you can expect from them.

Mom alone

Maternity photo shoot poses

My aim is to create a tender and meaningful photograph with depth and warmth of you embracing your bump. The focus is always on the bump’s silhouette.

I take full length, mid-length, and close-up photos. I often like to experiment with different props in order to add even more creativity.

When you are the only subject, you tend to focus on your deepest feelings and get an outstanding bump photo shoot as a result.

The style also matters: from colourful clothes to artistic nudes, a wide variety of poses combined with its matching style will provide outstanding results.

Dad & belly

No doubt it is lovely to have the future dad as part of the maternity photo shoot and produce more intimate images.

Getting close to the belly, with both hands on each side, kissing the belly, and then leaning against it with one cheek enjoying the closeness can generate an adorable series of images.

Consider mom & dad maternity photo shoot poses as an anticipation of a future family portrait.

Maternity photo shoot poses

Couple poses

Pregnancy is a time of emotions, tenderness, and closeness.

Having two subjects instead of one multiplies the number of poses available. Through these photos, you have the chance to express your bond and how it represents your strength when parenthood begins.

Maternity photo shoot poses
Maternity photo shoot poses

Maternity photo shoot poses with props

When you come to my studio for your maternity photo shoot, you probably already know the gender of your baby and you may even have chosen a name.

If this applies to you, it is worth trying some particular poses that include them.

In this case, I encourage you to bring whatever you would like to add to the photo shoot. When shooting, the focus will be on both you and the accessories you brought.

You may want to bring, for example, a pair of tiny shoes, a small stuffed animal, a suitable toy, letters or names, or a print-out from your most recent scan. Almost any prop or accessory can be included in the image, making the outcome very personal.

Maternity photo shoot poses

Flowers also work very well, completing your goddess look with a beautiful and gentle touch.

The role of the outfit

Clothes are one of the most important elements of the photo shoot, and they contribute to decide the best poses for your maternity photo shoot: this is why we will carefully plan what you are going to bring during our first meeting.

I have a selection of lovely silk and lace fabrics as well as maternity lace dresses available for you to use.

Maternity photo shoot poses
Maternity photo shoot poses

However, I also suggest to bring some of your own outfits that can offer the chance to be even more creative with the maternity poses and add positivity to the overall experience of the session.

Most important is that you feel comfortable and you like yourself in the chosen outfits.

Maternity photo shoot poses

Involve your baby’s siblings

If this is not your first pregnancy, you can have your children join the session.

It is such an amazing moment to have siblings interact with the parents as well as the belly.

I encourage siblings to place their hands on the belly, talk to it, and kiss it. Interactions always create intimate and meaningful poses.

Maternity photo shoot poses

Add some fun

After taking a range of tender and lovely images, it is time for some fun shots!

We can create some really playful images showcasing how happy you are.

Maternity photo shoot poses

Show your hobbies

Do you have a hobby? Let’s show it! Mention your hooby during our pre-shoot consultation and I will come up with some ideas on suitable poses.

Maternity photo shoot poses

Do you like the idea of a maternity photo shoot? Contact me to book a session or simply have a chat. I look forward to hearing from you!

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