Nancy & Stavros – Wedding Bells

Do you remember Stavros and Nancy from their Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot a few weeks ago?

Their wedding took place on the 14th May in Protaras and they have just returned from their honeymoon.

Here are some key images from the day:

Just before my arrival at the Grecian Park Hotel, where the wedding couple got ready, I drove past the chapel Agioi Anargyroi, where the ceremony took place that evening. It was a gorgeous afternoon with a clear blue sky:

At the Hotel I went up to the king suite, where Nancy started to get prepared. First of all some photos of her stunning dress, shoes and some accessories:

Surrounded by the maid of honor Aliki and other very close friends Nancy started to get her make-up done:

Some admiring looks from Aliki’s very cute daughter Ioanna-Maria, who was also one of the three flower girls:

On the day of the wedding, the tradition is for the bride to prepare in a different room than her future husband, while her family gathers, watches and, of course, helps! So while Nancy had her make-up done, Stavros went through the ‘getting ready traditions’ at the other end of the hotel corridor. Luckily this was all happening on the same floor as I covered various parts of the traditions for both.

Stavros looked very handsome and had a lot of fun with his family and best friends getting ready for his big day.

He was ‘placed’ in a chair and the “koumparo” (best man), Nasos, proceeds to shave his face in what is referred to as “the last shave.” At the same time, musicians with a violin and a laouto (like a guitare) play traditional songs:

Another gorgeous guest:

The groom with his parents and Stathis:

Just before his ‘last shave’!

Beautiful Eirini, daughter of the best man Nasos and the second flower girl:

The boys together:

Once shaved the traditions continue with the ‘dance’ around the groom holding a tray with the groom’s shirt, covered by a red scarf, singing old songs, dressing the groom, placing the red scarf around Stavros’ waist three times for good luck and burning incense at the end:

Over at bride headquarters, Nancy looked absolutely stunning and was helped along by her maid of honor Aliki, best friends and supportive family.

A close up of the wedding dress, made of a lovely fabric. Oh, did I mention that Nancy is 6 months pregnant? This dress was just made for her and her small baby belly 🙂 Congratulations again Nancy and keep well!

The third beautiful flower girl, Stephanie, who was such a great help for Nancy, always carefully carrying the dress and veil behind her:

I love this image:

Ready to enter the living room of the king suite, where friends and family patiently wait to see the bride:

The musicians are ready, the traditions are about to start! Nancy with her parents:

Before the bride puts on her shoes she lists all her single friends’ names under her shoe. At the end of the night she takes it off and the name which still appears on the shoe is the girl who will get married next!

Now back to the boys, who had already gathered in the hotel lobby. Some candid shots, a group image and off they went over to the nearby chapel. Not much time left!

Shhhh, we are quickly hiding the rice 🙂

Very nice Triumph for the groom:


Nancy portrait in the natural ambient light still available just before 6pm in the lobby:

Just outside the Hotel:

5 minutes later in front of the chapel many weddings guests, and the groom of course!, had already gathered, waiting for the bride to arrive:

Stavros accompanied by his parents and Stathis:

And here she comes, accompanied by her father to meet her husband to be:

The ceremony is about to start, just outside the front door of the chapel with the wedding guests grouped behind the couple:

Most sections of Greek Orthodox religious ceremonies occur in threes to represent the God, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The rings are placed on the right hand because it is the right hand of God that blesses.

The bride and the groom wear headbands called “stefana” and the chief bridesmaid with the best man are interchanging the crowns on the couple’s heads. In traditional Greek Cypriot weddings stefana were made with olive tree branches and with this way God’s blessings were transmitted to the couple.

Slowly the sun disappeared behind some clouds creating quite a dramatic background for my images:

During the ceremony the priest is going to give bread to the couple to eat and wine to drink three times which symbolizes the marriage of Cana at Galilee, which was blessed by Christ and where he converted water into wine.

Before heading over to the restaurant Alati by the Sea we had some minutes to take photos around the church. By now the sun was very low throwing some intense orange light on the water.

Alati by the Sea is a fine dining, luxury restaurant in Protaras, ideally located right on the seaside surrounded by lush green lawn. Distinctive decoration, supreme service, and respect for local traditions, Alati is the ideal place to celebrate your wedding.

I loved the attention to detail, the many colours that flooded the dining room and the elegant table lay-out:

The wedding cake!

The final photo, a night shot:

Congratulations to all ‘three’ of you and all the best for your future!


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