Natural Newborn Photography in Richmond

In this brief article I would like to explain a particular part of my journey as an artist: Why I decided to practice natural, ‘baby led posing’ Newborn Photography. Whether at my photo studio in Richmond or in the comfort of your own home my style for Newborn Photography is natural and authentic.

When it comes to newborn photography I initially believed that I had to buy a large selection of props like newborn posing bags, different coloured crates, bowls, a stockpile of outfits and accessories. I attended many newborn posing seminars and searched endlessly for inspirations. 

Initially I had no doubts that traditional newborn photography is the what new parents would ask for and what I ultimately needed to offer. 

For a long time I followed my plan. I tried to make use of all those accessories I had bought in the beginning during every newborn session until I realised that it never felt right to put newborn babies in an unnatural pose in some bowl, bucket or doll buggy.

Subsequently I decided to practise what is known as ‘Baby Led Posing’.

Naturally, I do place my babies for portraits, however I don’t pose them in a way that many traditional newborn photographers do. I will not attempt to put your baby in some awkward position, which is totally unnatural. Not even for a pretty photo. I focus on the simple and unmatched beauty of your baby.

Natural Newborn Photography Richmond

To summarise, these are the main reasons why I offer natural and authentic newborn photography instead of traditional newborn posing:

1. A newborn feels most safe and comfortable in their parent’s arms

A newborn should not spend an extended amount of time alone on a bean bag, in a bucket or crate only to eventually get the desired posed photograph. A newborn, no doubt, needs to be held, comforted, and ultimately with their parents and in their arms as much as possible.

During my sessions, babies will be for most of the time in their parents arms, where they belong.

2. I aim for stress-free photo sessions  Being a mother of three I know very well what it’s like to have a newborn. It is already quite stressful. In the beginning of my journey as an artist I would spend up to three hours at a newborn session, trying to make the baby sleep, trying to get the poses just right etc. Newborn sessions should not last more than 2 hours and we should not have any expectations. Awake or asleep, babies are always perfect as they are. 

3. And most important, I don’t think major posing is safe. If a baby has to be molded into an unnatural position, I strongly believe their safety is at risk. It’s simply not worth it to put a newborn at risk only to be able to capture a pretty photo. 

I practise Studio Newborn Photography at my studio in Richmond as well as Lifestyle Newborn Photography in the comfort of your home. Moreover I offer to bring my portable studio to your home in order to capture Newborn Photos in the style of studio photography. Always natural, simple, stress-free and most important safe!

Natural Newborn Photography Richmond
Natural Newborn Photography Richmond

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