Photographer in Kensington

Photographer in Kensington

My name is Viola, a photographer in Kensington and Chelsea, mainly performing maternity and newborn photoshoots as well as fine art child potraits and family photography. Meet me at my studio or anywhere in Kensington and Chelsea.

Boutique photography studio

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is perfect for street style photoshoots for family and individual portraits or maternity photoshoots. There is a high variety of locations, from small alleys paved with cobblestones to very picturesque residential areas with vividly coloured façades and tree-lined lanes. Alternatively, you can come to my studio, where I can carefully plan everything. It’s up to you.

Capture an emotion and preserve this moment forever.

How I work

The reason for a photoshoot is that you wish to preserve a special moment forever. Moments that describe unique emotions and the special connection with your loved ones.

I strive to capture emotions through spontaneous shots in order to secure your personality in my camera and deliver some shots you will recognise yourself in and be proud of. Rest assured the photos you get from me will tell your story without speaking.

Photographer Kensington Viola Carnelos
Photographer Kensington Viola Carnelos

My approach

I am very friendly, open, and positive with children, who need some extra attention, when it comes to taking photos, no matter their age.

If you choose an outdoor photoshoot in Kensington, we can meet for a pre-shooting meeting and decide what area is the best and what kind of photos you would like.

My goal is to meet or exceed your expectations and deliver outstanding photos and a nice experience.

Photographer Kensington Viola Carnelos

Lifestyle photoshoot

The key factor of a successful photoshoot is building an experience around it. If you live in Kensington, you probably have access to a gorgeous private garden with threes, beautiful plants and colourful flowers.

With such a wonderful location, the outcome of your lifestyle home shooting will be outstanding. Doing a photoshoot at home has a lot of advantages, especially when the subject is a child: they already know the environment, they feel more confident, and they usually give their best spontaneous smile, because they feel safe and protected.

You could choose both indoor and outdoor, and even experiment a variety of outfits and different make-up, because you are in your own home and you have your whole wardrobe at your disposal, and my professional light equipment at your service.


Photographer Kensington Viola Carnelos

Maternity and newborn

Pregnancy and a child’s birth only happens once or very few times in a lifetime. You can’t miss the opportunity to celebrate them! I am sure you will look at apprehension and hope coating your face in those photos and feel very proud of being a mother soon.

Photographer Kensington Viola Carnelos

Family and children

Children grow up fast and the time you spend with them just seems to pass too soon. A family photoshoot allows you to keep heartening memories and frame them in a shot that lasts forever and captures your harmony and happiness.

Let's organise your shooting in Kensington

Would you like to experience a photoshoot in Kensington? Let’s plan the session together! Please, feel free to contact me and ask any questions you may have.

Send me an e-mail to discuss the available options and find together the best solution to suit your needs.

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