Photographer in Kingston

My name is Viola, a photographer in Kingston-upon-Thames. I specialise in fine art portraiture for newborn babies, families, and expecting mothers. My work is driven by genuine passion for people in order to offer a boutique photography service.

Boutique photography studio

My service begins in my studio, a cozy and warm environment where I can meet you and your children. It is the place where the technical aspects meet the human side of being a photographer. It is a place where you can be yourself, but in front of my camera. Alternatively, you can still opt for an outdoor photoshoot in Kingston-upon-Thames and surrounding areas.

Capture an emotion and preserve this moment forever.

How I work

My method is oriented to meet and exceed your expectations, so I aim to make you feel as much comfortable as possible, so you can just be yourself and wear your best, spontaneous smile in order to get the greatest shot of all!

My method also aims to make children involved in your photo shoot be confidence with the environment around. Children need time and a friendly approach to give their best in front of the camera. My skills will do the rest.

Photographer in Kingston upon Thames
Photographer in Kingston upon Thames

My approach

Delivering a great shot is not just a technical work, it is mainly made of empathy and sensitivity. If you are positive and comfortable, the photo shoot will be good, easy, and fun. We will do it together.

We will plan everything in our pre-session meeting to explore all our possibilities in terms of style and location for your photoshoot in Kingston-upon-Thames.

A good boutique photography service starts before the meeting and never ends.

Photographer in Kingston upon Thames

A photoshoot is an experience

Quality is the most important aspect of a good boutique photography service, because it is what makes a photo unforgettable.

In order to achieve the best quality, I take care of every detail, from lights to editing, but the perfect shot is only possible if there is a genuine human connection, which also has the fascinating ability to turn a photoshoot into an experience.

Because doing an experience is better than passively follow some indications, the result will be a work of art that will make both you and me proud.

Photographer in Kingston upon Thames

Maternity and newborn

There are a lot of ways to describe pregnancy and child birth, but a photo shoot is a very powerful one. Memories of these important moments will last forever and will add eminence to them, and probably your child will love them when they grow up.

Photographer in Kingston upon Thames

Family and children

I love doing family and children portraits, because they work in different ways: in the present they are an experience for the whole family and a celebration of their bond; in the future they tell a story made of splendid moments.

Let's organise your shooting in Kingston

Are you ready to organise for your photoshoot in Kingston-upon-Thames? I look forward to planning the session together! Please, feel free to contact me and ask any questions you may have.

Send me an e-mail to discuss the available options and find together the best solution to suit your needs.

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