Photographer in Twickenham

My name is Viola, I am a photographer in Twickenham specialised in maternity, newborn, and family photography. My boutique photography service is addressed to mothers and families who want to turn their memories into a work of art that lasts forever.

Boutique photography studio

The majority of my shootings is done at my studio, where I will be happy to meet you and your lovely children. Do not worry about taking them with you, because the environment is safe and welcoming for everyone. We will have the chance to try different backgrounds, lighting sets, and props. Alternatively, we can shoot outdoors and enjoy the day, either in your garden or in a park around Twickenham.

Capture an emotion and preserve this moment forever.

How I work

Some people think a photo shoot is a stressing experience. It really should not be, and I will make sure it is a pleasant and fun experience! I believe that authenticity and happiness are the key to achieve a great result. My job is successful when I capture the best version of you.

This is the reason why I will never ask for a forced pose or smile, neither to you, nor to your children, especially when they need time to take confidence with the environment and the camera. Show what you feel and my camera will take the best of it.

Photographer in Twickenham
Photographer in Twickenham

My approach

Your personality comes first, and I can help you express it many ways: style, colours, natural poses, favourite backgrounds or locations, clothes, hair, and dozens more details.

If you are going to do a photoshoot in Twickenham, I will ask you to meet either in person (if possible) or on the phone, so you can tell me about your expectations and help me to plan the session.

These are the root elements of my boutique photography service: careful planning, attention to details, and masterful execution.

Photographer in Twickenham

A photoshoot is an experience

I take photography very seriously: people take photos to preserve memories of great moments, so the few hours you spend with me must be great, too.

Technical know-how and high-level skills are essential, but they must be combined with genuine passion for people, in order to take wonderful shots. When all these elements blend together, a photoshoot becomes an experience.

Fine art portraiture is about capturing meaningful moments. I hope my work speaks for itself.

Photographer in Twickenham

Maternity and newborn

Celebrate the most meaningful moments in a mother’s life with a photo shoot to create memories you and your child will love and cherish forever. Imagine your love eternalised and framed in fine works of art that describe the beginning of your journey as a mother.

Photographer in Twickenham

Family and children

Family is one of the greatest achievements in everyone’s life. It is true that time flies and children grow up, but with a family photo shoot you can freeze the time to a moment and frame your strong bond.

Let's organise your shooting in Twickenham

Are you ready to organise for your photoshoot in Twickenham? I look forward to planning the session together! Please, feel free to contact me and ask any questions you may have.

Send me an e-mail to discuss the available options and find together the best solution to suit your needs.

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