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My name is Viola, I am a mother and a photographer in West London specialised in maternity and newborn photography, as well as family portraiture. I pride myself in offering a boutique photography service and making every shot a work of art.

Boutique photography studio

The usual location for my photo shoots is my photography studio in West London, where mothers and their children are welcome. I strive to make the environment as comfortable as possible, because that is one of the elements that make a great photo shoot. However, if you prefer to do it outdoor or at home, I can still move my equipment to any location of your choice.

Capture an emotion and preserve this moment forever.

How I work

I believe a photo shoot should be a relaxing experience. A moment you dedicate to yourself and your lovely children. That is why I promise I will never ask for a forced pose or anything that stresses you or does not reflect your personality.

The reason is simple: capturing your personality is my job, and anything that goes in the opposite direction is not a good result. I work the same way with children: being a mother myself, I know how to make them confident and give the camera their best smile.

Photographer in West London
Photographer in West London

My approach

My aim is to meet and exceed your expectations, so in order to do so, I need some help from you: be yourself. Be positive, be spontaneous, be like you love to be. The best part of a photo is inside of you. I will help you to show it out!

Before any photoshoot in West London, I have a meeting to discuss about style, ideas, and answer all your questions. Planning a photo shoot is the first step to get it right.

The result I aim to is a fine art photography work that both you and me will be proud to show.

Photographer in West London

A photoshoot is an experience

Photos are meant to create memories of the happiest moments in our lives. Making them perfect is important to me as it is to you.

Choosing the best lights and backgrounds is a vital part of a good shooting session, but what makes the difference is genuine passion for people. This powerful element will turn a simple photoshoot in an experience.

When you feel you are experiencing a photoshoot, rather than just posing for it, you will feel more confident and positive, and it will influence the result in a good way.

Photographer in West London

Maternity and newborn

Maternity is one of the most exciting moments in a woman’s life and deserves to be celebrated. From the simple, round shape to the complexity of a new life that you protect in your arms, a photo shoot will preserve these memories forever.

Photographer in West London

Family and children

A photo shoot is definitely an experience to enjoy with your family. A great shot can capture your inner connection and make it last forever, even though time passes and children grow up. Furthermore, it is a good chance to have some fun together!

Let's organise your shooting in West London

Are you ready to organise for your photoshoot in West London? I look forward to planning the session together! Please, feel free to contact me and ask any questions you may have.

Send me an e-mail to discuss the available options and find together the best solution to suit your needs.

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