Once your photo shoot is finished, no doubt you will be anxious to receive your pictures so you can look at them over and over again and show them to your family and friends. Together we will schedule an appointment, where you will be able to view the photographs and pick up the digital copies.

At our final appointment you will have the opportunity to purchase the high-resolution digital files.  The files are of the highest possible quality, meaning you will be able to use them to produce large prints without having to come back to me and ask for larger files or incur extra costs besides those of the photo shoot itself.

If the photos were taken, for instance, backstage at a show or at a music or theatre performance, the digital files will be able to be used for promotional posters and large billboards. If you’re a performer and chose me for your photo shoot, you can be sure that your USB stick will contain perfect images ready to be used for your artistic portfolio.

I guarantee the same image quality for every one of my photographic shoots, be they for newborns, pregnancies, personal or family portraits, or special events: the digital files  will be yours forever, and you will be able to use them at any time for prints, posters, photo books, canvasses and any other photographic product that you should want. Anytime, anywhere.

If you wish, I can personally help you create the products you desire: I have samples of items of different types, in different mediums – from albums and finely printed canvasses with protective coverings, to photo frames.


Making a booking is easy. Please contact me to arrange a session or have a chat about the options.

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