Nowadays we are used to keeping our photos on the computer – digital images that pile up and are often forgotten about.

On the contrary, a printed photograph, inserted in a beautiful album that can be displayed and browsed through, becomes an unforgettable memory we can share at any time with our family and friends.

This is precisely why I truly believe in the value of a photo album and I love to help you turn your images into beautifully printed and bound foto book. I offer photo albums of the highest quality, created in collaboration with some of the best local and international makers. The end result is the perfect album, which will last forever along with your most precious images.

When you decide to create a photo book with me in Rome, I will firstly help you choose your favourite images from the shoot. I will then personally draft the graphic design of the album, which you’ll be able to preview before printing and adapt to your taste: this will ensure that the finished product is exactly what you wanted.

You can choose between two types of albums: the classic photo book, or the digital version. 


For any type of photo album here in Rome there is a wide range of choices for your custom-made cover: hard- , linen- , leather- , or crystal cover. You can also choose the dimensions of your photo book and add a sophisticated hand-made case. If the album is for a wedding or another special occasion, you can choose to include the date and the name of the bride and groom or of the person who’s being celebrated.

Moreover, for every photographic album I offer a full range of printing options: from stunning Layflat Panorama hard paper, to publication-style binding, to the choice between a soft or hard format. If you can’t decide on a style, you can browse the options I have during an appointment. Viewing the sample is a great way to be sure that the style you choose best reflects your taste and your expectations. Elegant, simple, modern or refined: whatever your final choice will be, you’ll be sure to receive a photo book of the highest quality in every detail, which you’ll be able to keep and display at home for yourself and your loved ones.



… She is an eclectic, reliable, meticulous, passionate photographer …
Jacopa Stinchelli
General Director of the Rome Chamber Music Festival , On Stage


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