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When setting up your own business or updating your existing website part of the process is getting your portrait taken by a professional headshot photographer. Most of us have already heard some variation of the phrase: “Your first impression is your last impression.”  Though this expression has been around for a long time,  with the power of social media being more relevant than ever before, as well as the diminishing attention spans, it is crucial to take measures to secure a good first impression. Photos of ourselves are everywhere. It is easier than ever to search people and brands before we ever interact with them. Your image online becomes the first interaction with your business. It is therefore very important to hire a professional headshot photographer to take this crucial image.

Every job is a skilled profession for which the person has gained years of expert knowledge and experience in doing the job to a high standard. Do you want your business to succeed to its fullest potential? The latest at that point you require a set of professional photographs of you and your staff for your website, branding and social media and any other parts of your public relations.

Many times I hear ‘For now, I will use a photo I already have, a holiday image or a selfie, until I get something sorted out’. But what impression do you give to your potential clients? And what does it say about how you perceive your own business?

For the majority of jobs a full body shot of you on holiday or a snapshot taken by a friend will simply not represent your professionalism. A professional headshot instead would portray someone that is serious about success.

I often refer to this quote and fully agree with Rebecca Goodall’s words: “Bad photos are as bad if not worse than typos in corporate marketing.” Rebecca Goodall MRICS –  Senior lecturer at Nottingham Trent University

What my clients say

Let’s have a look at some examples of my work along with my clients’ story:

Omniya is working at the V&A Museum in London and is frequently asked to provide her profile picture for publications. She was recently contacted by the Egypt Exploration Society, who are nominating her to become one of their trustees. At this point she knew it’s time to get a professional headshot in a suitable location done. For this Omniya chose the walls of the V&A.

Professional Headshot Photographer London

Edoardo, a musician, contacted me with the request for a CD cover portrait. “The images should convey mood, atmosphere, feeling, vibe. Me with the instrument”

Professional Headshot Photographer London

In order to have complete control over the light, I opted for a studio photo shoot. A plain background with a side light set-up. A very interesting photoshoot with an excellent variety of images produced. Seeing them a few months later on his CD made me very proud.

Giulia is setting up her own handbag business. She has already built a brand and has a good selection of bags to show. Next up is her website and for that she requires an image of ‘the face behind the business’. “Me and my bags! With the focus on the bags”

Professional Headshot Photographer London

Children’s book author Marina has already published a number of books, but has not been able to provide a suitable portrait of herself for her biography which appears at the end of her books. We had a chat about her expectations and ideas and chose a location that is colourful, yet not distracting. An open pose and smile adds to this friendly headshot so that children now know who wrote these wonderful books!

Professional Headshot Photographer London

Psychologist Jacqueline required a headshot for her website as well as various social media platforms. Keywords that describe herself in her profession are: Empathy, engaging, emotional understanding, listening, trust. She knew that hiring a professional headshot photographer is essential.

Professional Headshot Photographer London

Jacqueline also used her images for various publications in Europe and the US.  

How I work

As a professional photographer with a lot of experience I’m well aware that most people don’t particular enjoy being photographed. I can perfectly relate to that! There is a reason why there exist only a few photos of myself. I much more prefer being behind the camera than in front of it. 

The whole experience of being photographed needs to be a relaxed experience. Very important is to have a chat prior to the photo shoot about your expectations, how you see yourself and how you wish to come across. It’s important for me to know what your profession is and how you would like to be perceived by your potential clients. Such a meeting can take place over the phone or best, in person.

My studio is located in the heart of Richmond, but I also work on location should you wish to be photographed within your office space or at a suitable outdoor location. These kind of images are environmental portraits. I will have creative ideas about locations, where I can shoot most effectively with the available natural light.

As a photographer I know how to position my clients, take the images quickly and efficiently so the experience doesn’t drag on. We go through different poses, I quickly see which side is your better side. 

Five reasons why you and your business will benefit from a professional headshot photographer:

1. There is a face behind the business

Unless there is an image of yourself somewhere on your website, people are viewing just your business, but not the real person behind it. You will be more likely contacted/hired  if the contact page contains an image of yourself, rather than just the form to complete. It adds an additional level of communication and you will be seen and validated as a real person.

2. The importance of first impressions! 

First impressions cannot be changed. A strong and professional photograph will create a great first impression when clients see you behind the business.

3. A professional head shot will show that you are serious about your career and success.

An image taken by a friend with a phone or a selfie will always look ‘half-done – ok for now until I get something better done’. Don’t cut yourself short by using a poor image of yourself after you have probably invested a lot into your business.

4. You can use your headshot across the whole range of media.

A headshot is not only helpful for your business’ website. The majority of businesses are on social media and people more than ever go straight to social media to research a business. There is Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram and these are just some of the resources that you can use your portrait for.

Will you be featured in an article, a blog or on a website? You will most probably be asked to submit a photograph of yourself. 

5. Who is the face behind this business? Say Something About Yourself.

A potential client found your business on google, reads through your website and will take the decision on whether to contact you or continue the search. Seeing the real person behind the business encourages people to get in touch with you. Your image will describe yourself as: serious, happy, approachable, friendly and so on.

Your professional portrait will communicate a bit more about who your next client will be dealing with. It is not just about appearance, but also personality. The portrait is a business tool to show you in your best light.

Final words

I take pride in my ability to shape my client’s professional photographs to meet their needs. Your image will be a positive, first impression for whomever may encounter your image, be it on your website, social media or any kind of promotional material. 

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Remember, never underestimate the power of your portrait!

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