It’s the 18th of June and Chris’ and Mikaella’s wedding day!

Back in March we met for the first time and I portrait this beautiful young couple ‘Within the walls’ of Nicosia .

The pre-ceremony traditions, the wedding ceremony, the reception and the dinner took place in Nicosia’s neighborhood Ayios Dhometios (Greek: Άγιος Δομέτιος or Άης Δεμέτης)

Let’s start with some photos of Mikaella’s wedding shoes, the rings and the stefana at the couple’s home:

The couple got ready in separate apartments and the musicians started at the groom’s place. The families gathered and one of Chris’ friends proceeds to shave his face, “the last shave.” At the same time, the two musicians with a violin and a laouto play traditional songs:

One of the lovely flower girls:

And the youngest flower girl gazing in awe at what is happening:

Meanwhile Mikaella is already in her stunning wedding dress and the same traditions are about to start as soon as the families have moved over to her apartment:

Mikaella’s parents following the traditions:

And now we are moving quickly over to the beautiful, traditional church of the neighborhood, The Ayios (Saint) Dhometios church, the oldest of the three churches in the area and built on a hill overlooking the old part of town:

Preparations had already finished and the square in front of the church, where later on the cocktail reception took place, has been decorated with candles. The theme of the couple’s wedding decorations was black&white. You will see here and also at the restaurant that everything has been carefully decorated in those colours.

Maria from LoDesigns (99-680186) has done a fabulous job!

Chris arriving…. nice smile 🙂 Still very relaxed..

But how long will she keep me waiting?

Here comes the bride, being accompanied to the church by her father:

Nayia, Danae, Melina and Demetra, the four flower girls:

The ceremony starts: Most things happen in threes, this is to represent the God, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Here are a few key images of each part of the ceremony:

Upon the couple’s exit from the church friends and family members throw flower petals and rice, often not as gentile as the couple wishes!

We had a couple of minutes to walk to the back of the church for some portraits. The evening sun gives the images a beautiful warm glow, which continued through the cocktail reception until 8pm:


Just an example of the delicious, well presented food during the reception:

Later on, at about 9pm, I left to drive over to the restaurant Navarino, in time to photograph again the carefully chosen decoration, black&white theme, before the couple arrived:

Congratulations Chris & Mikaella! I look forward to our next portrait session in a couple of days!


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