SWPP Photography Workshop Cyprus

I had the great opportunity to portrait stunning British model Tanya during a recent photography workshop here in Cyprus, organised by the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers in collaboration with the British Photographer John Denton John Denton Photography.

Being a mix of fashion and bridal shoot we experimented in how to successfully pose the subject, light her with flash on location, or take advantage of the great natural light Cyprus offers, which for me, personally, is always a very creative option when shooting people in an outdoor environment.

Photography is about light or better described as “Painting with Light” and there is always room for us photographers to increase our expertise in this field !

Interested in participating at one of the upcoming Cyprus workshops? Ckeck out the SWPP website http://www.swpp.co.uk/.

I look forward to next year’s workshop(s)!


Fellow photographer Stelios capturing the colourful sunset of the day.











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