The weather on the scheduled photo shoot day wasn’t that great, but when I saw the images I couldn’t believe how well they turned out! Each one of them is just perfect! Such a soft light, which makes us all look so beautiful. The portraits are natural with a high impact and my daughter looks like a model! Thank you for creating this amazing memory Viola. We will treasure the photos forever!

Viola is an absolute professional; she is punctual, she knows how to deal with children (and with parents as well), her pictures are amazing. We were looking for something formal but at the same time as much natural as possible. We are very happy with the pictures she has taken of our family, and look forward to have them printed!

Couldn’t be happier with Viola.
Viola was able to capture different and magic aspects of my pregnancy.
I absolutely love the elegant shoots she made. She perfectly met my expectations and style.
She is a great photographer, excellent in using her creativity to suggest and create different scenarios/background/colors.
She worked tireless without concern for the time spent with me, in a very calm and polite way and making me feeling very comfortable.
Thank you Viola for giving me such special memories of my pregnancy!!!

Love the pictures Viola took of my daughter! Viola created a relaxed atmosphere and my daughter felt so comfortable. This all in a lovely studio. Her patience had no limits and the results are truly amazing. I will definitely work with Viola again and can highly recommend her!

Fantastic work! I am extremely happy that I was convinced by my girls to do a photoshoot! Viola lead us in every details and has transformed a very ordinary winter day in an emotional and magic experience. It is enough to look at these photos to remember where to find true joy. Thanks Viola for having shared this moment with us and for rendering those feelings visible and immortal.

I had seen maternity photos in the past and always thought they were a lovely memento of such a special time, but I didn’t think I would ever have the opportunity to do this myself. Thank goodness for Viola! Even after the photo shoot, I didn’t quite know how the images would turn out – I couldn’t imagine how things looked through the other side of the lens – but we were blown away by the end results, which far exceeded our expectations. Viola’s credentials not only as a photographer, but also a woman and mother, made me feel very at ease throughout our shoot – I felt relaxed walking around with my distorted shape completely uncovered! I have felt anything but elegant throughout this pregnancy, especially now, in this 3rd trimester, but Viola’s skills have produced elegant, tasteful images, which I know I will continue to be proud of and gaze at fondly in years to come. I am so grateful to have such a beautiful reminder of us building our family.

My third experience at Viola’s studio was my favorite one! This time our twins joined us. Amazing photos of our three kids and us. I can’t wait for our fourth photo shoot next year!!!

Being a photographer myself, I find it always hard to find a professional photographer to trust !Viola is just the right person!
Dear Viola no words are good enough to express the gratitude I feel. Thank you so much for capturing in such a lovely way me and my children . We love each and every one of the images you took . We are already looking forward for our next session!

Since many years, Viola Carnelos has been the official photographer of our family. She followed me during the pregnancy, the birth of my second child Yannis and in many other occasions. I always refer to Viola with enthusiasm and trust for every important family event or even only for capturing a single moment in our life, perhaps in a very beloved place. Every time, Viola can catch and interpret our different personalities and the essence of our relations with simplicity and a distinctive artistic sensibility. Her work is a precious memory, which can transmit across time a profound emotion and lots of charm.

Doing a photo shooting with Viola Carnelos is like a meeting with your own inner self. The camera’s lens becomes a mirror through which Viola can capture the best smile, the very intense gaze and the most intimate feelings. Out in the streets of Rome, Nicosia and London, you forget the people around you, you don’t notice whether it’s raining or the sun is shining. Time passes unnoticed. The places Viola chooses as settings for the shootings are hidden gems, the perfect background for very special and romantic pictures. Every session is a source for new emotions. Thanks to Viola Carnelos’ professional touch, the photos are unrivalled: a mixture of art and magic.

Viola Carnelos’ professionalism is characterised by an uncommon talent. She is an eclectic, reliable, meticulous, passionate photographer, full of curiosity and very respectful for her work and for the one of others. She possesses a distinctive taste and a true devotion for beauty. Viola always strives to capture the happiest expressions and moments. She is a woman confident of her bravura, never intrusive nor indiscreet. Such skills make her an ideal photographer for events and shows, as I have personally experienced.

Jacopa Stinchelli
General Director of the Rome Chamber Music Festival , Events