The ingredients of a great outdoor children photo shoot

outdoor children photo shoot

Right now, times are tough for everyone and it is truly difficult to find the positive amidst the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. I have been taking this time to slow down and appreciate the space around me by spending more quality time with my family. We try to exercise daily by going out for a walk and, as we experience some amazing weather right now, we take advantage of it and explore some areas of our neighbourhood we hadn’t seen yet. A great opportunity for me as a photographer to dedicate time to personal outdoor child photography!

There are a few details to take care of if you want to do an outdoor children photo shoot. Read my experience and my suggestions with it.

Outdoor child photo shoot in Syon Park

For last Saturday, I planned a walk over to Syon Park, Isleworth, where we strolled along the fine lawns and across open meadows. The surroundings make stunning backdrops for outdoor child portraiture and as I always carry my camera with me, I took some images of my youngest daughter Thalia. It was her birthday a couple of weeks ago and she had received this lovely outfit, perfect for a photo shoot.

outdoor children photo shoot

Light is a photograph’s key ingredient

Light is part of nature, it is everywhere and mastering it to its full potential enables us photographers to create amazing kid’s portraits.

outdoor children photo shoot

As well as studio photo sessions, I also love to embrace the amazing outdoor locations South-West London has to offer. There are so many unique locations, such as historical houses and parks, bridges, cobbled streets and coloured house entrances. At this time of the year the exceptional Chinese climbing plant Wisteria can be seen decorating many house entrances. Its blue to purple flowers are of spectacular beauty.

outdoor children photo shoot

Important memories

The past weeks have been an opportunity for me to concentrate on taking images of my loved ones, which I often can’t find time for. Sometimes it seems our children just can’t wait to grow up. And it is true: all of a sudden, they have become teenagers, then young adults, although it seems that not long ago at all they were so little. And then, all that remains of that tender age is pictures. 

Whether taken in the studio or outdoors during one of our walks, I am so happy to have those memories I will love and cherish forever. 

outdoor children photo shoot

My passion for light, composition, and most importantly, people

Like every photographer, I am passionate about lighting and composition. Combined with my passion for people and careful attention to every single detail, I strive to create the best images possible.

Exploring my own neighbourhood Richmond as well as the surrounding boroughs I was amazed of how many beautiful hidden side streets, cobbled alleys and small squares there are. Colours vary as you turn around the corner, light is changing and even towards the late afternoon when some clouds covered the sun I still saw such a soft light, perfect for an outdoor children photo shoot.

outdoor children photo shoot

Everyone will always remember the year 2020. Personally, I do my best to think positively and cherish the good things I am surrounded by: my family I love to the moon and back and the unique place where I live and work: Richmond upon Thames. 

Are you interested in getting some professional images done of your loved ones? I hope the images featured in this article speak for themselves and showcase the wonderful outdoor children’s portraits we can create together.

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