The key elements of a boutique photography service

Boutique photography service

When someone asks about my job, I pride myself in saying I am a boutique photographer.

I have being doing this job for over 15 years with passion and professionalism, because if you want to be a great photographer, you need both.

I see a lot of passionate photographers with no skills and very little experience delivering photos and portrait with a lot of improvement margin, to say the least, simply because they make technical mistakes just like all beginners and unqualified people, whilst other photographers with talent and knowledge, simply do not work at their best conditions because they have to take into account debatable light conditions and environments because they do not have a photography studio where they can shoot.

I am not saying that all photographers without a studio are bad at what they do, because there is plenty of examples that prove the opposite, but when it comes to portraiture, family photos, and maternity photoshoots, all the benefits of choosing a boutique photography service come up.

Here I describe, in my opinion, what stands between an ordinary photographer and a boutique photographer.

The studio

As I said, this does not mean all photographers without a studio are not professional, but in many cases it really makes the difference. Having a beautiful, comfortable studio is very important for some kind of photoshoots.

Take newborn photoshoots, for example: newborn babies need to stay in a quiet, comfortable environment to make a perfect subject for an outstanding photoshoot. And of course, safety comes first, and a well-organised photographer will surely have a babyproof studio.

Maternity photoshoots are another valid example: I love shooting artistic nudes of the bump, but if I hadn’t my lovely studio in Richmond, it would just be not possible.

About being a female photographer

It is a matter of privacy, not just for mothers and babies, but for any person who does not like to be photographed in public outdoor spaces.

Furthermore, we all know the importance of lights for a good photoshoot, and nothing gives you the chance to best set any light like a photography studio.

Pre-shoot consultation

When people book a photo session with me, I always recommend having a pre-shoot consultation. We can do it either over the phone or in person, which is always the best option. I am fully flexible, we can do it at my studio, at your home, or wherever is most convenient for you.

During this chat we discuss your expectations, ideas, and I answer to any questions you may have. If you wish to display your favourite images on your walls at home, but are not sure about what style matches your interior design best, I am happy to come to your house and give advice.

This consultation helps me to carefully plan your photoshooot and meet or exceed your expectations.

Quality above quantity

Clients often ask me how many photos they will get, but the real answer is that I don’t know. I can give an estimate, but if you want to get quality shots, there should be no fixed number.

Boutique photography service

When a photographer states they will shoot a certain number of photos, what often happens is that they rush the client in order to get it done as soon as possible or they deliver repetitive shots in order to reach the minimum number, which sometimes is very high, with consequent poor post-production work in order to save time.

The quality drop is immense.

To me, it is better to put no limit of time and number of photos. Especially when you work with children, patience is essential. No one should feel rushed in a photoshoot.

Rest assured, however, that you will get a good variety of astonishing photos to choose from, with no repetitions. All the images will be edited and ready to take home.

Products and services offered

I believe the work does not finish when the client chooses the images, that’s why I include photographic products in my services range. I only offer fine art prints crafted by the best professionals in this business to make sure the quality of the shots is maximised. I personally deliver, free of charge, your order to your house.

These, I believe, are the most important elements that define a boutique photography service, but I also think there is always room for improvements. The best boutique photographers are those who try to make their services better and better every day.

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