Top 3 areas for a photoshoot in Richmond

Photoshoot in Richmond

I have been living in West London for a while now, but I still find new little beautiful spots I wasn’t aware of before, even if they have always been there. Richmond area is particularly famous for green areas and nice views, and so are nearby places. Of course, if you go to central London you can find lots of good spots to take a photo, but if you take a not so popular decision and do a photoshoot in Richmond, I’m sure you will find something special, impossible to find anywhere else.

I took a lot of nice shots in this area for my customers, and I know where to go for the coolest shot of all! Personally, I love these three parks, even though I would have included more. I will probably write another article with more places. For the time being, have a look at my top 3!

Richmond Park

I could not start with any other place: Richmond Park is famous for its deers and plant life. If you like to have a natural scenery behind your subjects, you will find a lot of spots you could use to take your pictures, either on a sunny day or on a cloudy one.

Photoshoot in Richmond

You can take the shots from a viewpoint, there is a good one on Sawyer’s Hill, but I recommend the vast wildlife of the Isabella plantation: if you have the chance to take a photoshoot in this period of the year, you’ll find a variety of colorful flowers that can potentially make your photos unique.

Bushy Park

It is the second biggest Royal Park in London, and it is another great location for a photoshoot in Richmond. It is particularly great for shooting because of how the sunlight plays with the shadows, creating the perfect light balance for portraits and family pictures.

Deers are friendly, however, you cannot approach them and obviously it is not possible to take photos with them. In the middle of the park there are ponds and a fountain that can serve as a scenery for photos of couples and families. Not far away, there is Hampton Court Palace, which used to be King Henry VIII’s residency and now it is a good background for a photoshoot.

Marble Hill Park

I know some Londoners may not agree, but Marble Hill Park in Twickenham is not just a standard urban park, but it has a few peculiarities that make it special:

Photoshoot in Richmond
  • Marble Hill House is an English Heritage site and its looking is perfect for a good variety of photos (wedding photos are awesome here);
  • It is located on the Thames’ bank, and with the right brightness you could get amazing shots. River background is always a top choice!
  • There is the chance you can do a photoshoot on a small boat, which is a nice scenery for couples and families;
  • More animal encounters: these ones seem to be friendlier than those in Richmond Park, and I can get a clear shot. Obviously, careful with the flash light.

More green areas

As I said, there are a lot of green areas in south-west London and these are just my favourites. I will write more posts about this, but in the meantime, please, feel free to suggest your favourite spots.

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