Traditional versus unconventional portrait

What is a successful portrait?

Photography is subjective and for us photographers it’s a daily challenge to understand what our clients would consider a great portrait. How do they see their children? Is it their child’s typical expression?

I personally adore close-ups. As the Hungarian photographer Robert Capa said “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough.” Well, as I said, photography like all other forms of art, is subjective. I often end up with a wide range of close-ups, but environmental images may be just as strong depending on the composition. Clients have the choice and that is important.

During my photo sessions I aim to create a variety of images and when it comes to single portraits some are traditional, others unconventional. The following photos are from a recent shoot of this adorable 3.5 year old boy. I was amazed how diverse they turned out and I am equally happy with each of them. And consider, this is only a fifth of the final images this family will receive.

Enjoy and remember, any kind of feedback/comment is welcome.



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