What will you celebrate this year?

What will you celebrate this year?

Here we are, ready for a fresh start! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year’s Eve celebration. This is the time of the year when we usually set our goals for the next twelve months and how to achieve them, but we do more: we decide what we will celebrate this year.

What I can say as a photographer and mother, is that we often just celebrate love. Whether it is a new family member, the family itself, or personal achievements, it is always about celebrating love, and let me tell you something: having photos of those moments is the best way to celebrate love in all its shapes. Depending on what you want to celebrate, there is always something a photographer can do for you.

Celebrate a new life

A newborn photoshoot requires timing and a boutique photographer. The best moment to take some photos of your baby is the first week: their skin colour is delicate and they spend most of their time sleeping, which means we can try a lot of different poses without stressing them, and even if they wake up during the photoshoot, they stay quiet for a few minutes, which gives us the chance to capture their beautiful eyes.

Newborn photoshoot

Alternatively, you can book a maternity photoshoot during between your 30th and 35th week of pregnancy, when your bump is perfectly round and it is not too heavy. The beauty of pregnancy is something every woman should celebrate, because what she does with her body is amazing, and changes her for the rest of her life.

Maternity photoshoot in London

For these photoshoots I always organise a pre-shooting meeting, i.e.: a quick chat that helps me to understand what your expectations are and plan the best way to meet or exceed them, also, I will answer all your questions.

Celebrate your family

If you want to celebrate the bond that unites you, your partner, and your kids, you will like the idea of a family photoshoot.

Family portrait photographer Surrey

Reserve a day for all of you for this experience, and you will have beautiful moments to share and memories to print.

Making a family day out of it is easy, and offers a good chance to do some outdoor activity. A professional photographer can make feelings come out of the photo and take the best out of them, regardless of the scenery and time of the year: whether it is a late Summer afternoon or a mid-Fall day, with the right clothes, location and photographer’s skills, it will be a success.

Celebrate yourself

Being also a portrait photographer, I have the chance to meet a lot of people, especially women, who are not conscious of their strength and their role in the society.

Woman portrait photoshoot

What I see when I see a woman in front of my camera is a strong person who can face any challenge, even the hardest ones, such as being a mother and a wife.

Your beauty and determination deserve to be celebrated.

What will you celebrate?

This year you will do a lot of extraordinary things, and I am sure you will have something to celebrate. If you want to do it with a photoshoot and you are in west London or Surrey, you can contact me and we can plan your next celebration together!

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