Photographer in Surrey

My name is Viola, a photographer in Surrey offering boutique maternity photoshoots, fine art child portraits, and family photoshoots. My promise is to meet or exceed your expectations by capturing your emotions and personality in my photos.

Boutique photography studio

I have a professional photography studio in South West London where you can have your photos taken with your family and children. There is a variety of backgrounds and props available for you to choose from, and I will create unique memories for you to cherish forever. Alternatively, I am always more than happy to do an outdoor photoshoot in Surrey, especially in the beautiful natural parks in and out of town.

Capture an emotion and preserve this moment forever.

How I work

I consider a photoshoot as an experience for you, rather than work I have to carry out, so I care about all those details that mark the line between a collection of pictures and a remarkable work of art with you or your children and family as a subject.

In order to deliver great shots, I go beyond the surface and try to capture your personality, rather than looking for the perfect pose. I will never ask you to pose in a particular way that is not natural for you, because it is not what you want.

Photographer in Surrey
Photographer in Surrey

My approach

Be comfortable, be positive, be happy. This is what really matters when you do a photoshoot with me. You will get some outstanding shots as a result!

An outdoor photoshoot in Surrey requires some planning in terms of time of the day and location, but it is up to you: we can shoot either among the beautiful trees of the county or in your own yard.

All you have to do is take the best version of you, I will take care of all the rest.

Photographer in Surrey

A photoshoot is an experience

How do I meet your expectations? I strive to capture emotions in every shot, because that’s what makes a photo perfect.

Technically speaking, I do take lights and composition into account, but I believe they mean nothing without a genuine passion for people and scrupulous precision on the tiniest detail, because they are the elements that transform a photography in a memory. I am proud of my photos, because I know they remind you of a moment in your life.

After your photoshoot, not only you will remember a particular moment of your life through your photos, but you will also remember the day spent at my studio or on location, because it was not just a photoshoot, it was an experience.

Photographer in Surrey

Maternity and newborn

From pregnancy to birth. From bump to baby. The body of a woman changes a lot, and it changes in a beautiful and meaningful way. You can’t miss the chance of celebrating such a moment. A photoshoot is the best way to document this important phase of your life.

Photographer in Surrey

Family and children

A photoshoot in Surrey can be both a fun experience and a day out for you and your family. Alternatively, you can stay at home. A family shooting is an experience that will strengthen the bond between you and them and create meaningful memories.

Let's organise your shooting in Surrey

Would you like to organise a photoshoot in Surrey? We can do it together! Please, feel free to contact me and ask any questions you may have.

Send me an e-mail to discuss the available options and find together the best solution to suit your needs.

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