10 newborn photoshoot props ideas

Newborn photoshoot props ideas

Newborn photoshoot props ideas could be thousands, but it is all about finding the right ones for each shot and, obviously, each baby.

Nowadays, we are used to see pictures online where babies are dressed up in the most bizarre ways, with debatable taste and in weird situations, but I can tell from my experience that most of them are made with photo editing softwares like Photoshop, because trust me, there is no way a mother would put her child at risk or in an uncomfortable situation, such as wearing a baby policeman suit with a big hat that could unbalance their unstable walk and lead to injuries.

Furthermore, after doing newborn photoshoots for 15 years and being a mother myself, I can certainly tell what mothers want is photos of their babies that communicate tenderness, purity, love, and all those emotions that only a new life can raise.

Safety is also important: the props you use should always be safe to use. Babies are very curious, but still delicate, and because they love to touch, pull, smell, chew all kind of items, both the photographer and the parents must be vigilant at all times.

That being said, let’s find out the most common, original, cute newborn photoshoot props ideas.

Baskets and boxes

I love baskets and boxes because they define the space of the photo, and they can be shot from a lot of different perspectives.

They allow a lot of artistic poses, and they are comfortable for the baby to stay in them.

If you take a shot from a certain perspective, they show how tiny and cute the newborn baby is.


Newborn props crate

Similar to boxes, crates make great newborn photoshoot props. The photographer can take a shot of the baby placed inside the crate on a soft blanket, and the result will be the cutest shot of all.

For safety reason, make sure the crate is not too tall and the materials are not toxic.


Baby props carpet

As long as they are clean, carpets are safe to use, and they can be used to bring come colour and shape to shots that would otherwise be bland and neutral. Newborn babies react to those colours and often show their smile to the camera.

Furry carpets make an unusual prop for a newborn photoshoot, but they still allow you to get a good outcome from your shots.

Parents’ hands

Newborn photoshoot props do not have to be items at all costs. Even if you are just taking a photo of the baby, you can do it with the participation of their parents.

It is one of the sweetest shots I take the most, because it is full of significance and power, and it also is the safest prop to use.


Another human prop! Before they grow up and start to argue on everything, it is worth taking some lovely photos of them together, especially when the youngest is so tiny that fits in the arms of the oldest.

You might want to use those photos when they fight over toys possession.

Bags and travel elements

Bags and suitcases are a good variation for boxes and crates. The baby can fit in and the photographer can take a nice series of shots to capture the perfect expression.

A new life is the start of a long journey, after all.


An apple, a peach, a cookie or any coloured fruit will do. This is one of the simplest and yet most effective newborn photoshoot props, because they add colour to the photo and stimulate the baby’s curiosity, who will offer great expressions and poses for a funny shot.

Fruits are usually the safest choice, because they are quite big, and newborn babies do not have teeth to bite them.

Their favourite toys

Newborn photoshoot

All babies feel more comfortable and ready for the cameras when they have their toys at hand. Being in a new environment such as a photographer studio can confuse them, but they will feel more confident with their toys, which also make great props for a newborn photoshoot.

Stuffed pets

Just like toys, giving a baby their fluffy friend while taking photos will give them more confidence and provide the photographer with excellent chances to take wonderful shots.

Parents’ hobbies items

The purpose of this kind of photoshoot is not only the portraiture of the baby, but also the capture of how their parents welcome them to life, so newborn photoshoot props can reflect this, and parents’ items related to their passions and hobbies are definitely a great way to do so!

Your favourite newborn photoshoot props

What are your favourites from this list? Would you add something to this list? Let me know!

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