Lifestyle Newborn Session – How does it work?

According to Wikipedia, lifestyle photography is “is a genre of photography that mainly aims to capture portraits of people in situations, real-life events or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday”.

A Lifestyle newborn session involves creating artistic photos of new babies in settings and positions that a baby would naturally be in – for example, cradled in a parent’s arms, or sleeping in a bassinet or cot.

Lifestyle newborn photos appear natural and “unstaged”.

If you prefer to see babies in a natural situation, then a lifestyle newborn session will be suitable for you.

I haven recently written a detailed article about this style of Newborn Photography, which I recommend to read first and then in addition today’s article, which will answer a few more questions you may have.

A tour around your house

“Could I get a little tour of your home so we can decide where to photograph?” As a lifestyle photographer I use natural window light as their main lighting source. A quick home tour lets me identify which areas will photograph best, and which rooms may pose a challenge due to tight spaces or low natural light. I will give you advice on some minor changes, such as moving a piece of furniture or adding/removing smaller items.

Lifestyle Newborn Session
Lifestyle Newborn Session


In a lifestyle photo session, the baby will be photographed wearing the clothing the parents have dressed them in (e.g. a simple onesie or baby vest). The baby may also be wrapped in their own swaddle or blanket. If you have a special item of clothing (e.g. heirloom christening gown) or blanket, then it is lovely to incorporate these into the lifestyle newborn session.

We can photograph your baby in multiple outfits if you wish. It’s wise to choose your favourite clothes for the baby prior to the session. If you are unsure about what to choose feel free to email me the options along with a description of what you and the other family members are planning to wear. Im always happy to give advice as it’s very important to colour-coordinate and also consider your home decor.

And of course, if your little one doesn’t want to change clothes during the session, well, as mentioned previously, we work around the baby’s mood. Keeping the baby happy ensures a smooth running of the session.

Lifestyle Newborn Session

Allowing plenty of time

To complete a newborn photography session in the comfort of my client’s home I calculate approximately two hours. Saying this, there is never any rush. Babies almost always need to be fed and require a diaper change during the session. I provide plenty of wiggle-room for these small, natural “disruptions” that may not be photo-worthy. The baby’s needs are the priority and we will work around his/hers needs.

Lifestyle Newborn Session
Detail Photography

Guiding you through “unposing”

In-home lifestyle newborn sessions often involve making family photos that include the newborn’s parents, siblings, grandparents, and even pets.

Unlike in-studio, posed newborn photography, however, lifestyle sessions aren’t meant for perfect newborn poses. (And you can’t really “pose” babies, anyway!) I give some light posing guidance, anyway, paying particular attention to where the natural light flows in. My aim is to produce natural images, nothing forced, uncomfortable or unsafe!

One moment, one million memories

One of the loveliest truths about new babies is that every little twitch and coo is fascinating to us parents. Images of cradling your baby, touching a cheek, eyelashes curling, tiny feet… The tender moments are endless.

I love capturing the deep, mysterious love between the parents and their child. Often I take a breath, absorb the energy and love around me, remembering my own kids when they were newborns and then continue to photograph.

Lifestyle Newborn Session

Natural and Emotional



Even before Covid hygiene has always been high on my priority list. It goes without saying that my hands are washed and sanitised before the photo session. I will also ask you kindly to be able to wash my hands during a session if need be. For additional health safety I refrain from touching your baby and instead will explain every pose I have in mind in detail. In the past I used to accept up to 2 bookings a day, particularly for weekend days. Since March 2020 I leave 24 hours between sessions, which allows me to sanitise my equipment and change my clothes to something freshly washed.

If you’re looking for a London based newborn photographer and the lifestyle newborn session seems the right choice, please get in touch. You can send me an e-mail, or visit my website.

I’d love to be your photographer!


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