The best poses for a family photo shoot

Best poses for a family photo shoot

Family photography is a lovely way yo keep memories of the beautiful moments you have with your loved ones. Whether you do it indoors or outdoors, you know the photo shoot went well when you see happy faces in every photo. This is how I know I have done a good job and met your expectations.

Obviously, details matter, and with the best poses for a family photo shoot I am going to describe, you will see what I mean. The best thing about them is that you won’t need to force yourself, as they will come naturally.

Hand in hand

Beginning with a hand in hand pose really makes a difference. First of all, it helps everyone to feel more confident in front of the camera, so it gets easier and easier to pose for the next shot.

In this pose, the family can either lean on a wall or walk, but the most important thing is that children’s hands are held by both parents, if possible. Capturing this moment represents the long journey you are doing together, with adults helping children to grow up and guarding their steps. It is a gesture of love and protection that comes natural to most of the parents.

Best poses for a family photo shoot

In a circle

Speaking of protection, nothing makes you feel more protected and looked after than being in a circle.

A circle is a closed line, a perfect geometric shape where every dot remains connected both with its origin and its destination. Families are like a circle: no matter where you go or what you do, they will always be in your thoughts.

A circle also symbolises the bond that unites you and its strength. If you are part of the circle, you support the others and are supported by them. It is such an evocative concept to express that tells so much about your love and care for each other.

Best poses for a family photo shoot

Hugs and kisses

Love is definitely part of being a family, and there is no gesture more natural than a hug or a kiss to show your love.

Imagine when you will look at that photo where you kiss your children in a few years from now, all the emotions it recalls, and all the memories that flow all together in your mind: the kisses, the tears of joy, the laughs, the beautiful days spent all together, the moments when you were there for them and they were there for you.

This is undeniably one of the best poses for a family photo shoot, one of those that make it worth doing.

Best poses for a family photo shoot

A game of glances

What makes the members of a family so connected with each other? What is that sort of magic that makes them able to understand each other without even saying a word?

It is complicity, empathy, mutual affection. All things that can be conveyed with a game of glances. Capturing the moment when you look in each other’s eyes is the best way to fix your inner connection over time.

Best poses for a family photo shoot

Your favourite poses

I am always happy to suggest ideas about the best poses for a family photo shoot, but there is always room for anything you would like to try. That’s why I always schedule a pre-shooting meeting in order to discuss this and other important details.

What are your favourite poses? If you are looking for a photographer in West London for your next family photo shoot we can discuss it together.

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