Time for a fall photoshoot!

What comes after the end of Summer? Another chance for a family photoshoot! Yes, a fall photoshoot is a fantastic way to celebrate this colourful time of the year, and as a family photographer in Surrey, I can tell outdoor photoshoots can deliver a terrific outcome!

I recommend to book a fall photoshoot in late September or October, because the weather and the light during these months give us the best conditions for a great work.

Indoor or outdoor?

If you live in Surrey or south-west London, you likely have a lovely back garden, so photoshoots can be done at your place. This is particularly good for babies and young children, who need time to feel comfortable in a new environment, but if they are in a place they already know, everything will go smooth.

Alternatively, there are a lot of green areas we can visit, so you can still make a family day out of it, while I take wonderful photos. For example, I particularly like the Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park, because in Autumn the grass turns from green to a peculiar cream and brown gradient.

Whether your choice, I usually come for a view in order to evaluate which time of the day is best for light conditions. Also, it is good to meet all the people involved, especially children.

Best time of the day

So, as long as the weather allows, an outdoor family portrait photoshoot is what I recommend. As a family photographer in Surrey, I know very well when the light is perfect for a shot. I’d avoid shooting when the sun is too bright, but mild sunny days, as well as overcast days, which are very common in this period, are just perfect.

If children are involved, we should do the shooting when they had a good rest and are well fed. This will guarantee a pleasant experience both for you and them.

The best time of the day overall is just before sunset, because the golden and orange sun shades highlight the warm colours of the leaves.

The key elements of a great fall photoshoot are contrast and choice of warm colours, both for the background and the clothes. With the appropriate clothes and camera settings, the result will be awesome.

Try wearing a colourful scarf or a warm-coloured light jumper. A cotton hat will also look good. About the colours, orange, red, ochre, cream, ivory and all the brown shades you like.

The result

In order to increase the contrast before post-production, I shoot where the light is filtered through the clouds, creating a white balance that makes colours warmer and vivid.

I personally am a big fan of black and white photos, because it makes some shots powerfully amazing.

Photographer in Surrey: fall photoshoot

Even a windy day can be great for a fall photoshoot, with such a simple scale of colours. I will provide both versions and you will decide which one is best.

Babies and children love the colours of the leaves, and probably they will love to collect and play with them. I try to capture those moments, because they represent what being a mother of a child means, and you will be able to feel a warm hug coming out of the picture.

Would you like to book a family portrait fall photoshoot? You are still on time! Contact me for further information and booking.

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