5 reasons why a family photo shoot is worth doing

5 reasons for a family photo shoot

The best thing about a family photo shoot session is looking at the happy expressions I capture in every shot. Having a maternity photo shoot or a newborn session creates everlasting memories of a new life entering the family, and a family photo shoot is its natural continuation.

Family portraits are the visual story of your family: your look, your smile, the hugs with your partner tell the story of your past, photos with all of you tell the story of your present, and portraits of your children are a window on your and their future.

A few years from now, when they will grow up and eventually leave the house, you will look at those photos and remember the day you took them, a droll story about their childhood, a touching moment, or just how close you are, even when distant.

Many families decide for a family photo shoot every year in order to create a unique memory they will be able to enjoy for life. Having a family myself I strongly support the idea of a yearly family photo session and would therefore not underrate its importance. Let me give you some good reasons for scheduling a professional photo session on a regular basis.

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The quality of a boutique photographer

Every photographer has their own unique style, a certain level of technical skills and possibly a studio set-up for their clients who prefer a studio photo session over an outdoor photo shoot. Therefore, not all photographers are the same. Most important is to recognise a boutique photographer when we see one.

Choosing the right photographer for your family shooting can radically change your experience and the final result.

You can take advantage of the skills and the vision of a boutique photographer when it comes to choosing the most appropriate style for the kind of portraits you want to take, and when they take shots that capture the inner essence of who you are. While technical expertise is undoubtedly important, it is not entirely the type of camera, the technique, the chosen lighting or pose that creates a successful portrait. It is the connection the photographer creates with the subject that makes the image come to life. 

These days taking a quick photograph with a smartphone is easy, but making a meaningful portrait requires something more: a professional photographer.

Smartphone-taken photos have little value

One of the most common things I hear about photography is that now everyone has a camera in their pocket. We rely so much on technology that sometimes we forget to take care of our most precious things. Smartphones are very useful, and their powerful cameras do offer the chance to take awesome photos, but what is their value?

In fact, more often than we would like to admit we break our phones before doing a backup of the most important photos on a cloud storage, and even in those cases, we often lose our passwords and they get lost forever.

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You can print them

Images taken by a photographer can become real works of art you are proud to hang on your wall at home.

I offer a fine art printing service, and it is one of the most popular post-shooting services. You can turn every shot taken in a masterpiece, get it printed on premium professional paper of the finest quality, and get them framed in a way that matches the style of your home.

We can choose the images together, you can show me where you want to display them. I am always happy to give advice on choosing the right type of wall art and the appropriate size.

They make the perfect gift

Speaking of printing, a framed photo of you and your children is an appreciated gift. Is it Father’s Day or Mother’s Day? If you got your images printed, the grandparents of your children will surely love them and admire them displayed in their home.

Is it Valentine’s Day? A family portrait is a great gift to touch your partner’s heart.

Not to mention Christmas and other gift occasions.

You can make a family day out of it

Doing a family photo shoot means that you and your family will spend about 2 or 3 hours in a photography studio or in a location of your choice. If done the right way, your shooting session will become an entertaining experience.

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Being a mother, I know children might get grumpy if they spend too much time in an environment they are not confident with, so I let them explore my studio, we have a chat, and I let them take a closer look at my camera. Once confidence is established, they feel more comfortable with posing and having their photos taken.

With this approach, both indoor and outdoor family photo shoots become an enjoyable experience.

By the way, if you are anywhere in West London, you can get in touch with me and explore the chance of doing a family photo shoot.

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