Bump photo shoot: a way to preserve the magic

Maternity photoshoot in London

When does motherhood start? I would say it is something that starts in your mind, but you only realise it when your bump becomes visible to the naked eye. Those are memories you definitely want to keep! And a bump photo shoot can help. Being pregnant is a gift. A gift that deserves to be framed forever.

I am a mother myself, so I have already been through this, and I know your thoughts turn to wanting to preserve and immortalise this precious period of your life, and trust me, nothing captures this incredible time better than a well-thought-out bump photo shoot.

Although having photos of your developing bump is intruiguing and you feel like you really want to get it done, sometimes you may feel not in the mood for a lot of reasons.

Why a bump photo shoot is a good idea

Let me briefly tell you about my experience. Like I said, I am a mother myself. I love my three wonderful girls, and I loved every moment (well, almost!) of my pregnancies.

You won’t believe it, but I never thought about having a maternity photo shoot until I was pregnant with my third child.

I felt like I was too busy or I was not up to it for the first two pregnancies. I had some of the most undesirable signs of pregnancy and I put more weight on than I expected.

In a certain way, however, I felt like the third pregnancy would have been my last, so I asked one of my photography students with whom I felt very comfortable to do a bump photo shoot for me.

I was so excited and it took me ages to decide what to wear.

In the end, I loved the outcome, and now my nearly-10-year-old daughter loves the photos, too.

Bump photo shoot

Personally, I think a woman looks beyond the amazing, when expecting. We glow on the outside, gently touch our belly with love and pride, and we smile.

A bump photo shoot with me

A well-planned photo shoot starts before the session itself, when I meet the expecting mother.

I let her tell me about her expectations, emotions, and insecurities, too.

We plan the session together going through all the various background options and discussing the various styles of maternity photography.

I show her maternity gowns, tops, fabrics, and props she can choose, and I give advice on what she should bring along.

I pride myself on being an expert in studio lighting, pose, and composition, and I can assure you that you will look amazing, showing off your motherhood glow.

Furthermore, I retouch the small imperfections during the post-production process with my softwares, which I master extremely well.

Bump photo shoot

I believe life must be embraced and celebrated as much as possible.

Seeing your family grow is wonderful. It means your life will never be the same again.

You should capture your family memories whenever you have the chance, because in a few years you will look back and remember such a good time, and this will make you proud of what you achieved.

What my clients say

I would like to share this recent review with you, as I was very thrilled to read this genuine praise to my work.

I couldn’t be happier with Viola!

Viola was able to capture different and magic aspects of my pregnancy.

I absolutely love the elegant shoots she made. She perfectly met my expectations and style.

She is a great photographer, excellent in using her creativity to suggest and create different scenarios, background, and colours.

She worked tireless without concern for the time spent with me, in a very calm and polite way, and making me feel very comfortable.

Thank you, Viola, for giving me such special memories of my pregnancy!!!

Maternity photoshoot ideas

I recommend you to book your maternity session between the 30th and 32nd week to ensure you have a beautiful round bump to showcase. I promise you will look and feel wonderful, because you are, indeed!

I hope the images featured in this article speak for themselves and showcase the amazing maternity potraits we can create together.

Visit my gallery for more photos or enquire about a bump photo shoot.

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