The timeless beauty of black & white photography

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Black & white photography has always been very popular. Many of the most famous photos in history are in black & white, not because colours came later, but mainly because of their artistic value. In fact, there a lot of famous shots made in the second half of the 20th century in black & white.

This trend, however, did not end with the digital photography era: there are still a lot of photographers specialised in portraiture, landscape, and documentary whose work is well known and appreciated all around the world.

To be honest, I think we are very lucky to have a choice, nowadays: we can capture a moment in colour or black & white.

Minimalism and simplicity over quantity

As the saying goes, less is more, and as a portrait photographer, I agree.

Images filled with a vast variety of colours can be a feast for your eyes, but most of the time they lose their significance because they are just too cluttered.

Although people are naturally attracted by faces in pictures, when the main subject in the photo is surrounded by distractions, it does not get the desired attention. I am sure you agree with me that this is not what you would expect from a portrait.

Portraits are meant to channel the attention onto the main subject, and this is why I think black & white photography suits my style best: black & white is all about subject, lights, shadows, and beautiful contrast.

Black & white photography is minimal and simple, and this leaves room for emotions, and allows you to create that bit of drama that turns a photo in a work of art.

Most of my personal projects were shot in black & white with a precise goal in mind: creating fine art portraits I can be proud of. Something to hang on the wall.

Black & white photography emphasises emotions

When you admire a black & white photograph of yourself, your children, or your family, you feel like you are connecting to your or their soul.

There is a quote from Ted Grant, a famous Canadian photojournalist:

When you photograph people in colour, you photograph their clothes, but when you photograph people in black & white, you photograph their souls!

Ted Grant

I love this quote, because it makes me think about the real value of a photo: souls are more important and durable than clothes!

Photographer in Surrey: fall photoshoot

Time does not matter

Black & white photography has that distinctive touch of romanticism and nostalgia that makes them basically timeless.

Usually, colours in photos match your character, and your character changes with new life experiences. Black & white images will always reflect your personality.

Furthermore, I know that most of you want to hang your favourite images from the photoshoot displayed at home, on your desk, on your wall, or wherever you want. Colours, however, may not fit in the chosen room, especially if you have a coloured wall. A black & white image, instead, will always look great, no matter where you display it.

Black & white photography

I appreciate you might still be unsure about this style, because everyone has their own preferences. For this reason, during the editing process I convert each and every image into black & white, and I will always present both versions to you.

Do you know what happens? It happens that many times people prefer the monochrome version.

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