Fine art child portraits done my way

Fine art child portrait

As a fine art child portrait artist, I am particularly enthusiastic about taking images of children, any age.

Being myself a mother of three children, I have the ability to make children feel at ease during a photoshoot. When they are in a location they do not know, children can get a bit nervous because they feel uncomfortable, so my secret is building confidence and let them explore the environment.

In the end, the photoshoot will always be relaxed and, most importantly, a fun experience!

Good reasons to get fine art child portraits

A professional photoshoot for your children makes memories unforgettable, and leaves a trace of their life across the years. They grow up fast, and before you realise it, they will be too busy to spend some time with you. Portraits last forever. I have clients who come every year with their kids to have new portraits taken. They choose their favourite ones and ask me about my fine art print service.

Fine art child portrait

Fine art child portraits make a perfect gift for your loved ones. Grandparents love photos of their grandchildren. Not to mention the photo on your desk at work. Their photos will make all your usual places more personal, and I am sure every time you look at them, a large smile will appear on your face.

My recommendations to get the best photoshoot

You have multiple options. The location, for example. You can either get your fine art child portraits done at home or at my studio. I offer a boutique photography service, and having a studio allows me to offer a premium variety of options in terms of background colours and props.

I do all my best to ensure the environment is comfortable for adults and safe for children.

The more confident a child is with the environment, the better the result will be.

Speaking of which, I always tell mothers to take their children’s favourite toys to add some fun to the photos, along with different sets of outfit, so we can try different combinations to get a good number of shots to choose from.

Accessories and a little make-up are also welcome in order to add a more personal touch to the photos.

If the subject of the photoshoot is your daughter, we can also try different hairdo styles and match them with their clothes to create a unique style that will make her photoshoot superb.

Fine art child portrait

Fine art photography is something planned

Before a photoshoot, I always organise a pre-shooting meeting.

This meeting is very important to me in order to understand my client’s expectations, some special shots they may require, and answer any questions they might have.

We can either talk over the phone or in person, but I prefer the latter. We mutually agree on the location, but in some cases, in particular when my clients want to print some portraits and hang them to the wall, I can have a look at their house and give advice on dressing style and colours in order to match the interiors.

What we won’t plan is a fixed number of shots: I pursue quality, not quantity. In my opinion, fixing a number of shots will lead us to take repetitive poses and rush the whole thing, without taking care of important details.

You can rest assured that there will be a great variety of photos you will surely be enthusiastic about.

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